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When parents value their children’s imagination, children value creativity. In an increasingly complex world, the future requires creative problem solvers. Budding Artists provides creative ideas, products and services to preserve and promote children’s imaginations.  We have three customizable fundraising programs to help your organization raise funds using children’s artwork. 


Our Programs

Fundraisers should be meaningful, provide great value and excellent service. Budding Artists does just that! Best of all, children love doing it! They are part of the process. There is no door to door canvassing and it is peanut and gluten free. We offer four fundraising programs: Artrageous, Artshare, Commemoration Tile and Artistically Yours.


This is our most popular fundraiser. In this program, every child participates. Whether in daycares, pre-schools, elementary or high schools, art creation is facilitated by a teacher. Once art is completed, it is sent home in an order envelope. A catalogue of products is included. Parents choose from 20 products to preserve their child’s artwork.

Budding Artists provides paper canvases, order envelopes, a fundraising guide and teacher kits. Budding Artists sells you products at wholesale price. You then determine the product price list. The return on this fundraiser, based on a suggested retail price is a minimum 25% of net sales, but fluctuates determined on pricing.


Artshare kits are sold to your community group, for example, dance, sports or scouting groups for team building exercises. Each kit costs $5 and contains art quality paper canvases, a catalogue and an order form. Children create art at home. Another option is to organize a group event. Every kit returned to the organization during the fundraising campaign receives a premium fridge magnet with the child’s artwork. The organization receives 25% of net sales and $2 for every kit sold. There is no minimum order.

Artshare is perfect as a follow up to Artrageous. The rate of return is not as high as Artrageous. However, you still profit from any sales of the kit even if not returned. All orders are labeled for easy identification and divided by groups or classes for easy distribution.

Commemoration Tile

This fundraiser is geared to commemorate an event in the history of your community, school or special theme. Each child creates a masterpiece to contribute to an art wall. The art can be created in class, at home, or during a special event. Budding Artists will place each artwork on a 4.25”x 4.25”ceramic tile. Each tile is $6 (tax included). Shipping is free if done in conjunction with Artrageous. You choose the selling price.

Artistically Yours

Our newest fundraiser has gallery cards, notecards, sketchbooks, notebooks and journals. Beginning this Fall, when your organization signs up we will send you paper canvases. Once the artwork is completed, you return all artwork to Budding Artists and we scan each image. We send you back a personalized order form for each student. Each order form will contain images of the artwork on our newest products. Once we receive the order forms, the turn-around rate is approximately two weeks. Each participating child will receive a bookmark with their first name and image. Organizations will receive 25% or more back as profit.


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We raised a lot of money through our Budding Artists fundraiser last year. Money raised went towards the use of technology in our primary classrooms. A great company with great wlt_fielder service! R. Charbonneau, Little Current P.S.

Our elementary school of over 400 students, used Budding Artists as a fundraiser to help pay for a new playground. Parents, teachers and students were all very pleased with the high quality of the items that we ordered. The artwork was displayed beautifully and not one image was comprised in any way. As the fundraiser organizer, I cannot emphasize enough how organized, helpful and understanding the Budding Artist Company was with answering any questions and concerns we may have had. I would highly recommend Budding Artists to any school and we are looking forward to working with them again this fall. S. Mercier Duclos School,  Bonnyville , AB

Budding Artists takes pride in the development of various artwork keepsakes that document each individual child. We raised valuable funds for our school while promoting the children’s individuality & self-expression through their artwork at the same time.

I was thrilled with the quality of the products and the organized manner in which they were shipped.

Maria was always on call to answer any questions and was always willing to please, and made it all so easy!

I look forward to working with Budding Artists again soon and I would highly recommend this FUNdraiser to any organization!

Debbie Gurman

J.P.P.S Elementary School (Montreal,Quebec)