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Dr. Karyn Gordon - Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker & Parenting Expert For Cityline (Canada ) & Good Morning America (USA)

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Dynamic Speaking That Is Playful, Passionate & Pragmatic For Your Community (Students, Parents & Educators)

– 8 Different Keynotes To Choose – 

About Dr. Karyn

Dr. Karyn is the CEO of dk Leadership: A Leadership & Counseling Center, a best-selling author and a motivational speaker to ½ million people across Canada & the US, speaking to diverse audiences including Fortune 500 Companies and Educational /Parenting Conferences. She is the Relationship / Parenting/ Career Expert for “Cityline”, “Good Morning America” and TV Producer /Host for “Success Stories”. She has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Marriage & Family. Visit her website to learn more about her work with families, schools and organizations. 

5 Keynote Options For Your Parents (Gr. K-12)
Dr. Karyn has listened to over 10,000 hours of teens ‘spilling their guts’ – she knows what makes them tick! She is also passionate about helping them develop a “love of learning” and wants to empower parents with the tools to ignite this love so they can help their kids / teens reach their greatest potential! In this keynote, your parents will learn:

  • The 4 different types of motivation
  • How parenting styles impact motivation and how to increase their power to influence
  • 3 practical strategies to inspire and motivate their kids / teens

Many teens are overwhelmed with too many career choices. Meanwhile, For 10 years Dr. Karyn has been training 1000’s of senior managers (those who hire), learning firsthand where the jobs are and what young people need to do to be competitive! In this keynote Dr. Karyn will share these industry insights and your parents will learn:

  • Why are so many people (from all generations) struggling to find their Dream Career
  • How has the career landscape changed over the last 20 years & the common obstacles that block people
  • 3 simple strategies to help teens & adults find their career direction

KEYNOTE #3:        
Many kids are living in a ‘buy now, pay later’ culture which is impacting their decision making, priorities, spending,  self-discipline and overall emotional / physical health. In this keynote, your parents will learn:

  • A comprehensive understanding of “over-indulgence” and how it’s different from “spoiling”
  • Common obstacles preventing families from achieving balance in their life
  • 3 practical strategies for raising healthy balanced kids / teens

KEYNOTE #4:    
Many parents admit that one of their greatest desires is for their children to be more appreciative, but when we live in a culture of immediate gratification how can parents effectively teach gratitude & empathy? Thankfully, research tells us that these are cornerstones of EQ and can be 100% learned! In this keynote, your parents will learn:

  • The different types of empathy & gratitude (and how they are inter-connected)
  • What the research says on the benefits of empathy and gratitude
  • 5 simple strategies parents can start doing today to develop these traits in their kids / teens

KEYNOTE #5:    
In this eye-opening keynote, Dr. Karyn will help your parents understand the power of personal attitudes and confidence on their child /teens’ behaviour (dating, friendship, motivation, body image) and most importantly, what they can do to ‘bridge the gap’ and increase their power to influence them! In this keynote, your parents will learn:

  • How their child / teens’ confidence impacts every one of their choices (ex. peer pressure to dating)
  • How to inspire them to take responsibility, therefore reducing their anxiety
  • 3 simple strategies to ‘bridge the gap’ and start building their confidence and overall relationship

3 Keynotes For Your Students (Gr. 4-12)
KEYNOTE #1:     SPILL YOUR GUTS: Learn 3 Strategies To Build Confidence
This powerful and inspiring presentation is about understanding the power of attitudes, setting and accomplishing goals, striving for a life of excellence, and building a healthy self-esteem. It opens with a captivating video of Dr. Karyn interviewing Industry Leaders about their obstacles and lessons learned as teenagers. She then turns your assembly into a mock "talk-show" format using volunteers from your school (decided by teachers in advance). This skit is entertaining and eye-opening as Dr. Karyn demonstrates how different attitudes impact decision-making. This effective visual helps self-esteem come alive! In this keynote, your students will learn:

  • Which self-esteem attitude they have
  • How self-esteem is correlated to motivation, dating, friendships, peer pressure and body image
  • 3 empowering practical steps for building their confidence and a healthy self-esteem

KEYNOTE #2:         FRIENDSHIPS UNPLUGGED: Learn 3 Strategies To Develop Healthy Friendships 
Dr. Karyn has worked with young people for 20 years and has seen how healthy friendships can build confidence but also how cruel acts among “friends” can destroy a person’s confidence and motivation. Friendships have an enormous power in the life of a youth; this keynote is a close-up look at the often confusing world of friendships. Dr. Karyn begins the workshop with a 5-minute video revealing what celebrities have to say about friendships. She then turns the assembly into her popular mock "talk-show" format, pulling 4 volunteers from the audience (decided by teachers in advance) to play 4 different celebrities. This short but powerful skit helps students to identify with one of the different characters. In this keynote, your students will learn:

  • How self-esteem is connected to the way friends treat each other
  • How self-esteem and bullying are connected (including how bullying is different than teasing)
  • 3 practical ways to build healthy friendships including how to communicate effectively during conflict

KEYNOTE #3:        SUCCESS STORIES: Learn 3 Success Skills For Your Life / Career
The stats are dismal! 80% of young people do not know their career direction, 50% will change majors after their first year in university / college and 30% will drop out. Our young people are simply overwhelmed with too many choices! But what if students knew 3 Strategies to be successful in their life and career? In this keynote, Dr. Karyn shows a 5-7 min. segment of her new TV show “Success Stories With Dr. Karyn” featuring 1 of her Industry Leaders (ex. Jamie Campbell, Sportscaster of the Blue Jays; Sandi Richard, Best-Selling Author/Culinary Expert; or CEO Sunny Verma, nominated by the Globe & Mail as one of the hottest young entrepreneurs). Dr. Karyn will discuss with you which of her 10 episodes will resonate best with your audience. After the segment, Dr.Karyn will highlight 3 Key Strategies these leaders did to achieve success in their life / career, focusing on their Emotional Intelligence (ie. resilience, asking for help, setting goals). In addition, Dr. Karyn will share about her own career evolution. In this keynote, your students will learn:

  • What Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and why it matters in our new career landscape
  • How EQ is correlated to life and career success
  • 3 key strategies to be sucessful in your life and career (starting today)!!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a keynote suitable for teaching your Educational Staff, email us for our Organizational Speaking Package that includes organizational keynotes (management, motivation, leadership) between the different generations. These keynotes are very popular for Professional Days and School-Board Conferences.

Fees & Details – Sponsored Rates For Schools!
Committted to serving schools – Dr. Karyn / DK Leadership offer 2 Sponsored Speaking Tours for schools (10 Schools / Fall & 10 / Schools / Spring) allowing schools to use their Parent Reaching Out Grant (so it costs schools nothing)! Certain dates & locations apply. Email us for more information:

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“Dr. Karyn is well versed in the ways of helping parents navigate their relationships with their children through the various stages…She provides honest insight …and results-oriented approaches that will enhance parent/child communication.”

Desiree Dancy, Vice President, Corporate Human Resources

The New York Times (5-Part Parenting Series)


“Dr. Karyn’s session with teachers and parents was outstanding … it was a powerful and engaging session that helped us focus further on the needs of all our students and families that we serve”.


Catherine McCullough, Director of Education

Sudbury Catholic School Board


“Dr. Karyn’s recent presentation to parents in our school board was extremely well-received. Entertaining, educational, inspiring…”


Paul Sloan, Superintendent of Education

Simcoe County District School Board


“Input from students and staff indicate that it was a huge success… one student said that it was the BEST presentation that they've ever attended! Students say that the role-playing stuck in their minds, and that they will be able to remember key points as they think about their relationships!”

Jane Zupo, Coordinator Of Nursing & Medical Services
Lakefield College School

“We want to thank you for traveling from Southern Ontario to entertain, inform and inspire the audience of 1000 teachers & education staff … from the moment you took the microphone, you kept all our people alternately laughing or pausing to reflect on your message…”


Debra Rantz, Superintendent of Education
Renfrew County District School Board

“Dr. Karyn is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of current research to help parents and educators prepare our children to thrive in our changing world…”


Don Kawasoe, Head of the Prep and Upper Schools
Upper Canada College

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation! It was such an insightful presentation as staff, students and parents really enjoyed the evening… you are inspiring and so authentic in your delivery and have passion for your topic!”

Denise Wilson, Curriculum Leader, Student Services
Leaside High School

“The feedback from parents was very, very positive! Our parents really enjoyed Dr. Karyn’s approach to the topic of building leadership … she also did a great job speaking to our students. Both workshops were a definite 5/5!”

Michele Notoro, Guidance Department Head
Aurora High School