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Toronto Aviation Learning Centre

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The Toronto Aviation Learning Centre is a virtual flight and aviation exploration facility where the dream of flight becomes a virtual reality in our full-scale B777 Heavy Jet replica simulator and Pilot Briefing Area. It’s authentic airline flight operations training in a Heavy Jet simulator for students grade 6 and up.  Find out if you have what it takes to be a Jet Pilot.

Who we are: We are Licensed Pilots and Flight Instructors who love to fly and love to teach flying. We have a full-scale B777 Heavy Jet replica simulator (manufactured by Flight Deck Solutions in Newmarket, Ontario) and Pilot Briefing Area waiting for you to explore, for students Grade 6 and up.

Curriculum content / What we do: We teach (field trip and outreach) all about the fascinating world of flight in our Pilot Briefing Area and 777 Heavy Jet flight simulator – that students fly – under direct supervision of our Flight Instructors. The fundamentals of aviation drive our curriculum – Math, Science of Flight, Physics, Mechanics, Geography, Meteorology, Information Management, Systems Management, Human Factors, Pilot Decision Making, Flying Regulations, Commercial Passenger Jet Flight Operations, High-Speed Jet Aerodynamics, Supersonic Flight and so much more. All of this with a dash of humor, plenty of camaraderie, and a strong sense of synergy. In other words, a whole lot of fun! That’s weird…learning about complex activities like flying a large commercial jet airliner and having FUN while doing it? Something strange must be going on here. Oh and did I mention you don’t need any previous flight experience? None. Zero. Zip. We prefer it that way.

Why visit the Toronto Aviation Learning Centre?  A career in aviation can literally take you around the world, and aviation is a fundamental first step for anyone dreaming of becoming an Astronaut. Related career choices include: Astronaut, Airplane Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Aircraft Design Engineer, Aviation Medical Doctor, Meteorologist, Aviation Lawyer, Aviation Maintenance Engineer, did I mention Astronaut already? – the list goes on! Learning to fly requires the development of a highly specialized skill set requiring much practice, study and discipline. The knowledge base is very broad and diverse. Every visit to the Aviation Learning Centre is challenging and new. We keep track of your progress so we can turn up the intensity a few degrees each time you visit. Simulator flying; progressive and interactive Pilot Briefing Area discussions; hands-on participation; It’s flying lessons in a large commercial jet simulator with real licensed pilots guiding you along the way. This is as real as it gets.

How much is all of this going to cost? (As little as $58.33 per student! (+HST) – based on 30 students, 5 hour booking.) The Flight Operations Training Facility is $350 per hour (+HST) and includes the following: our full-scale B777 replica flight simulator (seats 10 maximum), Pilot Briefing Area (seats 30+), FTD (PC based flight training device (seats 8). There is a Flight Instructor in the simulator, FTD area and the briefing area as all three are operational simultaneously. The facility is exclusively yours for the duration of your booking. Maximum recommended class size is 30 students. Have a look at our facility floor plan in the pictures or at parents Let’s “kick the tires and light the fires!” (Do you have what it takes to be a Jet Pilot? We think you do!) A sampling of some great Canadian aviation companies…Pratt and Whitney Canada, Bombardier Canada, Air Canada, West Jet Airlines, Porter Airlines, Air Georgian, Bearskin Airlines, Air Transat, Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots TV show), Canadian Helicopters, Can Jet, Sunwing Airlines, CAE Canada, Jet Pilot Simulators, Toronto Aviation Learning Centre, Ufly Simulator, Flight Deck Solutions.

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Dec 08-09, 2014 

De La Salle College "Oaklands"

The grade 11 students of De La Salle College "Oaklands" attended in-class
Aviation Fundamentals lectures over two days on Theory of Flight, Passenger Jet Flight Operations
and an introduction to the mysterious world of supersonic flight in preparation for their
upcoming Heavy Jet Simulator sessions at the Flight Operations Training Centre.
(Special thanks to Principal Mr. Pupo and grade 11 teacher Mr.Saikali
for arranging these lectures and the Simulator sessions.) 


April 28, 2014 

Montcrest School

(The grade 6 students at Montcrest School attended an in-school
lecture on many aviation topics including Theory of Flight,
Passenger Jet Flight Operations and Human Factors.)

"Hi Aaron, Thanks for your visit yesterday. We really enjoyed
working with you to tweak the wind tunnel before your presentation.
We thought you did a nice job of introducing our students
to the science of flight. Your enthusiasm to answer their questions
was greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Dan Bailey and Yvonne Boyd, Montcrest School." 


April 16, 2014 

Hudson College

(The grade 6 students received an in-class briefing
on Flight Operations and Theory of Flight several days before their
flight simulator training session.)

"The Grade 6 students of Hudson College enjoyed the
"Grade 6 Day of Flight" experience.
They felt that the time allocated for each student was suitable.
They enjoyed the direct instruction provided by the pilot in the simulator.
They also thought the screen images provided realistic images.
They enjoyed the in-class lessons as well.
Thank-you, Aaron for a well planned educational experience for my students!"

Rose Bastien and students, Hudson College.