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Fundraisers are a terrific way to generate additional funds for schools, child care centers, camps, and other groups or associations.

With two types of fundraisers to choose from, we are able to provide you with the fundraiser that’s right for you!

Paper (Traditional) Fundraisers: In this two-week long, handout-based program, we provide one fundraiser booklet per family in your organization. The booklets feature a product description, actual size pictures, and an easy-to-use order form. Orders and payments (checks to Lovable Labels Inc.) are collected by you, and sent to our Head Office via our prepaid courier envelope. We will process and package the orders and return them within 2 weeks to your location, along with your commission check!

PROS: No shipping fees, no sorting, and no hassles with insufficient payments! PRO: No cost to the organization!

Paperless (Online) Fundraisers: Our online program can run for as long as you like, even on an ongoing basis. Although this is an online program, we will print and ship one-page flyers to you to help promote your fundraiser. Parents will place their order and make their payment online using a specific web link created for your fundraiser. The orders are processed at our Head Office location and shipped directly to the customer. We ship worldwide, so everyone can support yo

ur fundraiser! You can monitor your sales at any time using your administrative login that we will provide you. Within two weeks following the end-date of your fundraiser, you will receive your commission payment.  Ask how to have FREE shipping for your parents!

PROS: Parents can order any of our products available online, including value packs, from anywhere in the world! PRO: No cost to the organization!

Do you think the Program is perfect!

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Phone: (905) 849-5800 or Toll-free at 1-866-327-LOVE (5683)


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“Working with Lovable Labels is a great partnership for every school. We recommend these labels to all our parents, especially of our younger students, so they can label everything they send to school. It helps to keep all belongings with their rightful owners! The quality of the labels and the amount received in a school pack, is of great value and generally gets parents through the whole school year. Not only are we providing a service they need, but they are also helping to support our school's fundraising at the same time. This is why it is a win-win partnership for everyone!” - Montessori Academy of London

“We use Lovable Labels annually as a service to our parents. It is so refreshing to have a company that one can count on for service and efficiency! As busy preschool teachers, we have little time to do admin work or projects so this is an excellent vehicle. Well done and look forward to working with you again next fall!” - Think Sun Preschool Academy


“It’s not often that you can pair a fabulous product with amazing wlt_fielder service, but Lovable Labels does that! I would recommend your labels to anyone and the fundraising experience was great!” - Meadowvale Mothers Time Out

“Lovable Labels is a great product. They are something that I would like to see all children use. Working at a daycare centre, it is difficult to know who owns what clothes, shoes, etc. Living in a small community, a lot of children wear the same style of coats and sneakers. Our life would be eaiser if the clothes were labeled!” - First Steps Childcare

“Working alongside Lovable Labels for our school fundraiser was effortless. I highly recommend this company for anybody who is seeking a professional and organized fundraising team!” - Terraview Willowfield PS

"This was the easiest fundraiser I have been involved in.  I have been in the education field for over 15 years and this could not have been easier. I would recommend it to everyone!  Thank you so much." -Canyon Walk School Age Program

"Lovable Labels puts the FUN in Fund-Raising!  No hassle, they do all the preparations, are there to answer any questions you may have and get the labels out to the parents, QUICK!  Shoe labels also available in French!  C'est magnifique!" -Les Academie des Petites Fleurs

"Wonderful and easy fundraiser!  Products are top quality and not only a hit with the students, but USEFUL for parents!  Sharon - thanks again for all your help in making my first fundraiser a success!" -Grimsby Cooperative Preschool