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We offer HIGH SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS, CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS and PROGRAMS FOR PARENTS interested in teaching money management lessons to their children at home. Helping young people to learn about money doesn't have to be complicated, dull or boring! Whether you are an elementary teacher looking for a financial literacy co-curricular classroom program, a principal interested in giving your teenage students a comprehensive introduction to real world essentials like saving, smart spending, budgeting and borrowing or you are a parent interested in tips and tools to help your children to develop this essential life skill you can count on Money School Canada to deliver. We have worked with thousands of students of all ages, with parents, teachers and with youth transitioning to independence to take the mystery out of money. Our unique, innovative teaching approach, robust content, proven program effectiveness and the quality, knowledge and professionalism of our facilitators sets us apart. Money School Canada brings innovative and highly engaging financial literacy workshops right into your classroom, cafeteria, library or gym! In the classroom, students are introduced to the essentials of personal money management in a hands-on, fun and memorable format. Our Moneyi$t in the School workshops provide students with a plain language introduction to key money vocabulary, concepts and practices that serve as a foundation for curriculum integration through the year [and throughout your student's lives]. Parent seminars are available for groups interested in teaching money lessons at home while supporting math curriculum expected learning outcomes.  Money School Canada is an official TDSB Educational Partner.  The Moneyi$t in the School in-class workshop program has been endorsed by the Toronto District School Board Financial Literacy Steering Committee.

  • MONEYI$T IN THE SCHOOL CLASSROOM WORKSHOPS Money School Canada’s half-day workshops are curriculum compatible, tailored by grade, to maximize learning outcomes with minimal sacrifice of precious in-class time. 
    • Your students will benefit from the most comprehensive, single-session introduction to money management available to elementary students in Canada. Money School Canada translates complex personal finance theory and jargon into simple terms, straightforward ideas that students can understand and apply – now and in the future.
    • Moneyi$t workshops are interactive, engaging, entertaining and fun. Skits, role-play, music and real-life reenactments are combined with hands-on activities to teach money management essentials.
    • Workshops include sections on goal setting, smart spending, saving, banking, budgeting, borrowing, and credit cards and leave students with improved knowledge and confidence in their ability to make good money choices in the future.
    • Our unique, interactive instructional approach, robust content and the effectiveness of our professional facilitators sets us apart. Innovative, knowledgeable financial literacy educators bring learning about money to life while delivering high quality, authentic in-class educational experience.  
    • On average teachers rate the Moneyi$t program a 9+ out of 10.
    • Tailored for students in Grades 4 through 12. The Moneyi$t in the School workshop is completely turnkey for classroom teachers. Fee includes all student materials, activity worksheets, manipulatives, professional facilitation and post-workshop classroom activities. AV equipment is supplied. Discounts are available for multiple bookings [if scheduled on the same day – morning & afternoon].  
  • MONEY MENTOR$™ WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS An evening seminar that provides plain-language information, strategies, tips and tools tailored to help parents to support youth financial literacy education and to take advantage of in-home, practice opportunities where math skills can be applied to real-life, money management situations. Learning to use math in the real world can be truly inspirational for students. The Money Mentor$ Workshop provides practical, easy and effective ideas about ways that parents can help young people to develop the financial literacy knowledge, skill and confidence they need to manage money well.
    • Program Inclusions – Professional Facilitation by an experienced financial literacy educator [90-minute program], Parent Worksheets & Materials, Take-Home Activities, Workshop Summary Packages including Helpful Tools/ Resources for up to 50 parent attendees.  
    • Money Mentor$ is also available to Secondary School Parent Councils. 
    • This 90-minute high impact, interactive workshop for parents is a PRO Grant eligible program. 
    • PRO GRANTS: Please get in touch if you would like to SAVE TIME completing the online PRO Grant application process. We will make it easy for you!!!

Contact: Tricia Barry, Executive Director, Money School Canada Email: Phone:  416-932-1300/ Cell: 416-804-9110         

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