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Authentic School Field Trips

School Field Trips

Authentic School Field Trips

School Shows connects Teachers to Providers of authentic School Field Trips and Outreach Programs.

We’ve heard from teachers that they are so busy during the school year.   Teachers have put their time and attention on their students that they use their summer break to catch up on what they have been too busy to do- recharge.

Summers allow teachers to spend time with their families, “me” time and by checking out great outreach programs and field trips that will engage their students and enhance their learning for the next school year. is a directory designed to help both busy teachers and providers of amazing outreach programs, field trips, authors, tours and so much more.

Find Ontario School Field Trips Easily

Methodically categorized, organized, and based on the Ontario curriculum,  School Shows allows teachers to narrow in and search by criteria such as grade level, subject, location, program type, venue, and/or keywords.

Are you an Ontario teacher searching for ways to enhance the curriculum for your students? We have a way to help.  See how it works.

We have also added a unique feature to help busy teachers with their research to find authentic School Field Trips.

Are you an individual or organization that offers curriculum connected programming that enrich and enhance Ontario’s young minds from K-12?

We know extra-curricular programs truly are an essential part of learning and ultimately help youth to better understand the world in many unique and engaging ways.

Your program belongs here if you pursue this goal and want to improve the quality of education. We are eager to assist you in that quest !

What makes the best and easiest way to find and promote educational programs?

Search engines like Google and Bing display hundreds of unfiltered results.  School Shows focuses on resources that are categorized specific to Ontario and the curriculum allowing searchers to quickly locate relevant programs.  We put your programs directly in front of teachers!

Start here to see how we can help you connect to engage kids!

About Sara Martin

Life time learner, passionate about education, 10+ years advocating Experiential learning. Explore for field trips, in-school learning experiences and School Resources for parent council.

July 11, 2014


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