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Why it’s good to get our kids out of the classroom !

Field Trip ideas

Why it’s good to get our kids out of the classroom !

Field Trip ideas 

The phrase, “field trip“ may bring back to mind long bus rides, paper lunch bags and often learning experiences that stick with us into adulthood. As a teacher, if you were asked to list your best instructional tools you use for your students, would field trips be on the list ?

There are thousands of unique field trips available in Ontario today to guide students through engaging experiences all the while covering the expectations of the Ontario curriculum. Summer is a fantastic time for teachers to plan field trips. Planning field trips in the summer is also a fun way to start navigating your way through the curriculum and connecting the classroom learning to real experiences.

You can choose from an extremely broad range of learning experiences. From life of a voyageur in the fur trade era, or canoeing the Grand to visiting one of our many conservation areas, or botanical gardens to connect and learn about nature.

Nothing beats engaging all of the senses while in the presence of plant and animal life. Science museums, a great field trip idea, often have displays that children can touch to help then understand material that is being covered. Programs that give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences are a great benefit while simultaneously teaching them new information about the world around them.  Many teachers are reporting that they are combining field trips experiences with classroom instructions.

Why ? Because it has been proven to be a more effective teaching method than traditional approaches alone. Many students are visual learners and outreach opportunities allow for differentiated learning. Classroom instructions that prepare students for field trips and reinforced what the students encounter on their excursion promote the greatest increases in student comprehension and retention. Planned right, field trips can be a powerful component of a well rounded instructional program.

For busy teachers looking for the perfect field trip there is a new tool you can add to your teaching toolbox. Ontario School Shows is a teacher’s dream come true as it combines more than a thousand field trips and in-school outreach programs all in one website. With best in class advanced search methods and unique services only found on this website, you will spend more time enjoying your summer and less time surfing the web.

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

Chinese Proverb

About Karol Wickert

Karol Wickert advocates for the use of experiential learning throughout the Ontario educational system and the importance of in-school Parent Involvement. -the resource provides a variety of parent engagement resources related to developing youth by strengthening families.

June 19, 2014


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