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We are a mobile art school! Book us for an in-school Field Trip, or partner with us and we will run a parent-paid art club at your school!! 

ARTSHINE/ARTS4ALL is operated as a social enterprise with its profits being put back into the community to run subsidized programs such as the sponsorship of children/youth who do not have access to art programs and free programs for at-risk youth. ARTSHINE’s brand new curriculum has been created by a team of Ontario Certified Art Teachers/artists and incorporates themes that reflect and extend the Ontario Curriculum. Your children will be engaging and experimenting with a variety of new art mediums that emphasize the themes of Canadian Art from coast to coast, classic art and mask-making.

ARTSHINE’s goal is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for your child that fosters creativity, multiculturalism, and Canadian culture. Also: your children will learn the basics of cursive writing by taking part in our creative and engaging warm-ups.

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Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Hanover, Owen Sound, St Catherines, Niagara, Welland, Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Milton, Georgetown, Barrie, Kapuskasing, Ottawa, Brockville, Montreal
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  • The program is great in that it for all ages. I also appreciate that you sponsor students who may not be able to afford the after school program.  The students learn simple techniques that they can replicate at home. Everyone’s work is unique and different. Every child comes away feeling like they are an artist and have created a masterpiece! Alison GoldingPrincipalHolly Meadows Elementary School, Barrie, ON


  • Our students really enjoy Artshine.  It has been a positive, worthwhile experience for many. Brian Weigel, Principal, King Edward Public School, Kitchener, ON


  • "WOW! That is exactly what you will be saying out loud when you see the creations your child makes while in the program Artshine! Shine indeed! Students literally expand upon their creative thoughts and put them into action through the well-planned and organized activities, materials and guidance provided by the kind and caring staff. Our school and community has definitely benefited from this highly engaging program and the students are filled with confidence and enthusiasm!"  We do enjoy having the program in our community and it is very well received by all.  Trish Starodub, Principal, Millen Woods P.S., Waterloo, ON


  • We love having Artshine as part of our after-school culture.  It taps into children's creative energy and spirit.  I love when children excitedly show and share with me what the night before's art adventure has been.  It brings a smile to their faces as well as mine!  It's a lovely venue in which children can express themselves!  Christy Webster, Principal, Sheppard PS, Kitchener, ON


  • Artshine continues to provide opportunities for all students to be creative and have fun in an atmosphere that is inclusive, diverse and welcoming. Artshine eliminates the barriers that inhibit children from growing and developing their creative talents. Jason Stere, Principal - Parkway Public School, Preston ON


  • Nos élèves de la maternelle à la 6e année aiment beaucoup les sessions d'Artshine le midi avec M. Kevin!  Ils s'amusent et sont fiers de leurs créations artistiques. Tawndee Gruber, Directrice, École St-Noël-Chabanel, Cambridge, ON


“This was my son's first time doing Artshine (he's in SK) and I could see a change in his attitude towards art and drawing. Before the class, he would scribble for a few seconds and declare his piece complete. Now he thinks about what his is trying to draw, including a theme or a story, and is much more meticulous about his technique. This was my daughter's second Artshine session (Grade 2) and she learned many techniques (e.g. perspective, 3D, shading) that she continues to use in other art projects. Thank you!”

-Parent , Guelph, Saint-René-Goupil


“It’s her most favourite thing to do. She is very creative and Artshine has permitted her to express her love for the arts. Continue the wonderful work.”

Parent,  Guelph, Saint-René-Goupil


“They always leave happy and proud to show off what they created. Only nice things to say about the instructors.”

Parent,  JW Gerth P.S., Kitchener


Their attitudes remained positive. They definitely retained information and we're excited about their artwork. They enjoyed the artist - specific business cards (me too!)”

Parent,  Sacred Heart Guelph, Guelph


His eyes were opened to the various mediums and continued to ask to do crafts afterwards that mirrored his activities

Parent,  Kitchener, John Darling


I asked my daughter if she'd like to sign up for the next session and she said "I will sign up anytime I can!"”

-Parent, Hanover, Holy Family School


“She sees potential art projects in much that she sees after taking these classes.”

Parent, Kitchener, Cardinal Lèger

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, (in JK at St. John's Kilmarnock), has greatly enjoyed her time at the art program and we have submitted the forms to the school to ensure her enrollment for the March-May session. She loves her art class and we are extremely impressed with how much her art skills have improved in such a short time frame.   (parent of a Student at St John's Kilmarnock School)

From students:

I mainly dabble in acrylic paint, drawing, and multi-media art. My mother is an artist by trade and my father, who is a computer scientist, is an extremely talented musician. Despite growing up with two artistic parents, I displayed no interest in visual art until 2014, when I moved into the Argus women's shelter. It is there I met Paul from Artshine. He encouraged me to do a series of drawings based off of an old sketch and nine months later, I have experimented with acrylic painting on canvas, graphite pencil, charcoal, oil pastel, and ink art. I plan on studying piano and composition in university, and much like my piano, art has become a therapy of sorts. It offers me another a way to channel my emotions and frustrations. In a way, art, painting in particular, is an alternative thought process that has helped me understand how I think and how various things in my life affect me. I am extremely grateful to Paul for introducing art as an attainable hobby to me, and to my family for supporting my exploration into art in this past year.  I was also able to teach Artshine classes at Argus shelter on a weekly basis.-(Artshine student (youth)


"Artshine does a great job making art accessible to people of all skill levels. The best part is creating a finished product that is better than what I thought I was capable of"


"Artshine is fun and relaxing. I enjoyed watching everyone's projects come to life"


"I really enjoyed Artshine because I consider myself very not artistic but when Artshine comes I am able to do the projects and they turn out pretty good!"


"Artshine is creative, laid back and relaxing. I enjoyed the diversity of projects, step by step instructions and demonstration"


"The Artshine lady is super kind and I had fun making art, the best part was that the art turned out great and I learned a new art style"


"I wasn't good at Art but this is actually fun"


"Artshine is fun and educational. I liked how easy the instructions were to understand and how we got a chance to improvise a bit"


"I liked Artshine because we did a new type of art. We also had fun doing art together. It was fun because we tried to copy the example"