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Astronomy in Action

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Astronomy in Action’s portable planetariums bring the universe to you! Curriculum-based content delivered by a professional astronomer. We love to answer all of your students’ toughest questions! Our shows are the perfect way to generate student interest in astronomy and space science, while supporting your lessons without the work of organizing a field trip.  All you have to do is book!

Current Programs:


Astronomy in Action’s 30 minute program for elementary grades K-3 is an inquiry-based space mission for young students to experience the night sky in a fun and relaxing environment. Learn about Canadian astronauts aboard the International Space Station, travel through the solar system to visit the planets and their moons, and learn about constellations to see at night! All programs include answers to the great questions students can ask!

SOLAR SYSTEM – JUNIOR GRADES 4-6 Length: ~40 Minutes

Astronomy in Action’s middle school programs are the adventure of a lifetime! Students explore Mars and learn about the challenges of spaceflight before exploring the solar system and what lurks beyond Neptune. Once the stars come out, students will experience a truly dark night sky unlike anything they’ve seen before, learning how to navigate, find constellations, identify the Milky Way, and understand the properties of stars! All programs are STEM-focused and include answers to the great questions students can ask!


Astronomy in Action’s programs for intermediate grades are made for students who are curious about space. Students will explore the properties of stars and how they form constellations, planets and the solar system, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, black holes, and much more! By exploring the challenges of space flight from a Canadian perspective, students will understand what it means to be an astronaut and what it takes to travel to Mars and beyond. Questions are encouraged, and will be answered in the planetarium by an expert astronomer.

GALAXY – HIGH SCHOOL GRADES 9-12 Length: ~60 Minutes

Astronomy in Action’s senior programs are tailored to support science curriculum with stunning visuals and inquiry based STEM learning. Explore concepts such as star formation and properties, solar system formation and dwarf planets (Pluto too!), galaxies, the Earth-Moon system, and cosmology concepts such as dark matter, black holes, and the Big Bang. With an expert astronomer, the deep questions that students ask are answered and discussed, providing valuable insight and encouraging students to learn more. Content is available for the Grade 12 Earth and Space Science course, and as always, student questions are encouraged!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big is the dome? How many people can go inside at once? Astronomy in Action has a planetarium that is 20 feet in diameter, with a height of 13 feet.  Capacity is a single class of 30 students and several accompanying teachers. A small fan tube 6 feet long is placed outside the dome, and is easily maneuverable.

Where can it be set up? With the 13 foot height of the planetarium, a small gym is usually required.  Some schools can accommodate the dome in a theatre room, library, or on a stage, provided the ceiling height is appropriate.  Please note that the dome must be setup in a closed location to prevent damage and disruption from other students, who will be curious about the large structure.

How long does it take to unload / set up? Typically we require 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for takedown.  If necessary this time can be reduced, upon special request. Astronomy in Action always arrives early to make sure your programs are ready to go on time!

Does it need a lot of power? The planetarium requires two standard outlets to run the fans and projector.  Astronomy in Action provides extension cords and non-marking tape to ensure there are no tripping hazards inside or outside the dome.  Most spaces have available plugs within reach and work just fine.

I have an idea! Can we… Yes we can! You know your school and your students better than us, so tell us what would make our visit a success and we will make it happen! Extra Q&A time? A longer show? A fundraising idea? Anything is possible!

What content is covered in the show? After 7 years of providing quality planetarium programming to schools, Astronomy in Action has curriculum connected content that is visually stunning and tailored to each audience.   We constantly add to our library of cutting edge astronomy education content that is guaranteed to educate and entertain students! Want specific content covered? Let us know how we can better support your lessons! Astronomy in Action has hundreds of hours of content covering all topics in Astronomy and Space science. We can adjust content for each grade/age level, or emphasize specific concepts to better integrate with your in-class lessons.

How much does it cost? Astronomy in Action offers programs based on the number of students / classes that would participate.  Discounts available for multiple shows.  Contact us today for a quick estimate!

More Questions? Contact us and get a quick response!

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"Our visit from Astronomy in Action was a huge success with the Girl Guides. The girls loved discovering more about the planets, and how humans are learning more about our universe through space exploration. Having the opportunity to see the stars inside the portable planetarium was exciting for the girls. Ryan was a pleasure and he did a great job answering the never-ending stream of questions. We were fascinated by the tales of mythology Ryan told about Kallisto being turned into a bear, and eventually being placed amongst the stars as the constellation Ursa Major. I also loved how Ryan highlighted Canadian Astronauts and their adventures in space; we even learned that Roberta Bondar took Girl Guide cookies to space. We’ll be doing more star gazing in the great outdoors at camp this summer. Thank you Ryan for sharing your passion with us, and sparking the curiosity of future astronomy enthusiasts."

- Kimberlee, Woodbridge Girl Guides


Dear Ryan,

I just wanted to write to thank you for your help in assisting our Guides to earn their Astronomy badge last night. From our initial email booking, until the end of the evening, you were very organized, professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and most of all fun.

The girls were so engaged and excited throughout the entirety of the show and you skillfully answered all of their questions. We intend to highly recommend you to other Guiding groups in our area.

All the best!

- Reagan, Mississauga Girl Guides


A BIG Thank you to you for the awesome planetarium experience. The children thought it was great and we adults sure enjoyed ourselves, and learned a few things as well.

- Shelley, Private School Programs Coordinator


Astronomy in Action provided the Kortright Centre for Conservation with a dynamic public program, and a fool-proof way to offer an Astronomy Night rain or shine. The inflatable portable planetarium is a marvelous device - an igloo full of stars, and provided a nice intimate teaching space for our attendees of all ages. Ryan is a masterful presenter, and held the audience in thrall to the ancient stories of the sky. Feedback for wlt_fielder surveys was excellent, and we look forward to working with Astronomy in Action in the future.

- Aldo, Kortright Centre for Conservation



The Grade 9 HMST students started their Astronomy unit with a "bang" through the Astronomy in Action planetarium show in the comfort of our own school. Presenter, Ryan Marciniak, owner of Astronomy in Action brought his portable planetarium technology to the school and took students on a journey through the stars. Students were taken light-years away through our solar system and billions of stars in the Milky way galaxy in a matter of only an hour. Students had the opportunity to ask Ryan many engaging questions throughout the presentation and were left with many exciting facts and ideas. The show was built around the Ontario Curriculum and helped whet the student's appetite for further Astronomy exploration throughout the unit.

-Nandita Bajaj

Teacher, Physics and Mathematics
Northview Heights Secondary School