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Astronomy in Action

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Astronomy in Action’s portable planetariums are the best way to take a field trip without paying for transportation, sending home permission forms, or spending your entire budget in one go.  All our programs are based on the Ontario Science curriculum, use a student-centered learning approach, and are guaranteed to generate excitement about science and astronomy. For pricing, and availability, and to book your planetarium program, contact us now!


School Programs



The Rocket Ship program from Astronomy in Action is a friendly and welcoming introduction to space. Children use their imagination to spot shapes in the stars, ?y around the Moon, and become astronauts as they take a rocket ship ride into outer space!



Astronomy in Action’s program for elementary grades 1-3 is an inquiry-based space mission for young students to experience the night sky in a fun and relaxing environment.

Learn about astronauts aboard the International Space Station, travel through the solar system, and explore constellations! Students actively participate during programs as they learn and can ask all their great questions!



Astronomy in Action’s middle school programs are the adventure of a lifetime! Students explore the solar system and the unique properties of planets, with an emphasis on Mars and the challenges of space flight.

Once the stars come out, students will experience a truly dark night sky unlike anything they’ve seen before, learning how to navigate, ?nd constellations, identify the Milky Way, and encounter black holes! Students participate and are encouraged to drive the program through questions and decision making. There is no limit to what can be explored!



Astronomy in Action’s intermediate program is an exploration of the entire galaxy, and even galaxies beyond! This program is guaranteed to inspire students’ curiosity about space. Students will explore the properties of stars and how they form planets, relating to the birth of our solar system. They will experience the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies up close, visit black holes, and learn to identify objects across the night sky!

By exploring the challenges of space flight from a Canadian perspective, students will understand what it means to be an astronaut and what it takes to travel to Mars and beyond. Questions are encouraged, and student curiosity drives the show!


Astronomy in Action’s High School program is tailored to support the science curriculum with stunning visuals and inquiry-based STEM learning. Explore human and robotic space light, properties of the solar system, the life and death of stars, black holes, and the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to today.

With an expert astronomer, the deep questions that students ask are answered and discussed, providing valuable insight and encouraging students to dive deep into topics of interest. Our inquiry-based approach allows students to express their interests, and with thousands of animations and objects that can be displayed instantly, there are no limits to where they can go!



Astronomy in Action’s Universe is a program supporting concepts from upper level science courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Earth & Space Science. This program covers concepts such as star formation and properties, solar system formation and exoplanets, galaxies, the EM spectrum, and cosmology concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, gravitational waves, and the Big Bang.

Topics focus on student interest and curiosity, and students guide the program across the universe through inquiry and decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions


How big is the dome? How many people can go inside at once? Astronomy in Action has 3 planetarium domes that range in size and height. Check out our photos for sizes and capacities of each dome.

Where can it be set up? Our domes are extremely versatile and can be set up in a gym, library, community room, atrium, or any other space that can accommodate the height and width of the dome you choose. We can even operate outdoors with the Dragon dome (conditions apply).

How long does it take to unload/set up? It depends on the choice of dome, but all three can be unloaded and set up in under an hour.

Do you need a lot of power?
The planetarium requires two standard outlets to run the fans and projector. Astronomy in Action provides extension cords and non-marking tape to ensure there are no tripping hazards inside or outside the dome. Most spaces have available plugs within reach and work just ?ne. We leave every space in the same or better condition than we found it.

I have an idea! Can we…
Yes, we can! Your event is your vision come to life, so tell us what would make your event a success and we will make it happen! Extra Q&A time? A longer show? A fundraising idea? Anything is possible!

What content is covered in the show?
After 14 years of providing quality planetarium programming to everyone, Astronomy in Action has content that is visually stunning and tailored to each audience. We constantly add to our library of cutting-edge astronomy education animations and imagery, that is guaranteed to educate and entertain! We have curriculum connections for schools, badge topics for Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada, and awe-inspiring jaw-dropping favourites to impress your audience.

How much does it cost? We price all our programs based on your needs and how many guests you’d like to include. We offer discounts for two or more programs and always ensure you get the lowest price, so you won’t burn your budget. Contact us today for a quick estimate!


More Questions?

Contact us and get a quick response!

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It was a pleasure to have a program come to us and set up and leave the room absolutely clean and tidy. The students were excited about the program and the "oohs" and "ahhs' through the presentation were amazing.

Vanessa Poehlmann - Pickering College

We had a great experience because from the booking to the actual programming, everything was seamless. Ryan was very good at coordinating the booking and Daniel was great presenter. The students and teachers had an AMAZING time. The content was age-appropriate and full of learning! I'm confident that we will be booking them again in future and I would highly recommend this program to others as well.

Thank you for offering such an amazing program!

Sarosh Sawani - Coordinator, Lake Ridge Montessori School

Astronomy in Action delivers a fantastic experience! They are very knowledgeable and professional. They showed up early to set up and greeted all students entering the dome. Daniel was fantastic and worked very well with students (and their excitement level)! Every student

(and staff member) loved the program and wanted to stay longer! Thank you for an incredible experience! We definitely recommend them and will be booking again!

Jessica Kelly - Teacher, Harvest Hills PS

I had a group of enhanced grade nines that are incredibly passionate about astronomy. I spoke with Ryan from Astronomy in Action about my students needs and interests, and he provided an amazing experience that was appropriate for their age and interest level. All questions that the students threw out were answered (and there were a lot!), they also loved all the amazing imagery that accompanied the thorough answers that were given. Thanks so much Astronomy in Action, looking forward to working with you again!

Darby McFadden, Oakville Trafalgar HS

Ryan is an amazing and engaging presenter who’s passion clearly shows through. He engages so well with youth of all ages and makes astronomy exciting and accessible. Thank you!!

1st Binbrook Sparks & Brownies

A BIG Thank you to you for the awesome planetarium experience. The children thought it was great and we adults sure enjoyed ourselves, and learned a few things as well.

Shelley, Private School Programs Coordinator

Fantastic job! Kept the kids really engaged and was receptive to all questions, even silly ones.

23rd Sudbury Scouts