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De Code Adventures

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We are offering social distancing games indoors and outdoors.
Sensory Paths for outdoors and inside of schools and libraries
Game Mats with 100’s of games
Social Distancing Decals for libraries, schools, daycare


DECODE Adventures is an entertainment facility that provides room escapes, board game café and many other options beyond what most other entertainment establishments can offer. We pride ourselves in hosting exciting and creative team-building events for groups of all ages and backgrounds that challenge the participants in skills like communication, problem-solving and innovative thinking in a fun, interactive environment outside of one’s day-to-day setting.


In order to be successful in this endeavor, students are challenged in their spatial thinking skills, mapping skills, logic and reasoning skills, reading skills, cooperation skills, and even building skills. With each puzzle, students are confronted in different ways, physically, mentally, creatively, and intellectually. This is an experience which cannot be had anywhere else and we hope to have the opportunity to share this adventure with your students.

Decode Child’s Play  

team building In this hard economy, you have managed to find a tutoring job that pays really well. The parents want you but the twins won’t accept tutors that aren’t as smart as them. Thus the twins have created a challenge to test your abilities by hiding the contract in their locked room. Can you escape with the contract and prove yourselves to the twins?

De Triad Code  

Investigators & Mafia members will be competing against each other; pressed not only for time, but also to finish first! Only one team can complete the mission, will it be yours? Escape Mode (2-6 players) Choose from either De Investigators (A) or De Mobsters (B) for each 60-minute booking. Competition Mode (7-12 players) Investigators & Mobsters will be competing against each other and time to finish the mission first. Members will be assigned into investigators or mobsters for each 60-minute booking. The two groups will be going into two different rooms. If you wish to switch rooms and experience both missions, two 60-minute bookings are required. Triad A: De Investigators Headquarters has given you the important mission of searching the Barracuda Express office. You and your group of investigators are tasked with collecting evidence of the Mafia’s drug-trafficking activities. Will you be able to access their hideout and discover their secrets? Triad B: De Mobsters You are an enemy gang that has infiltrated the opposition’s backroom. You have been sent by your boss to retrieve important information that will lead to the success of your gang. Remember, finish the mission and escape. There might be police on the other side of the wall trying to catch you and nab the information.

Mission: Quazar

room poster-aline-website-20190410-01.jpA mysterious powerful crystal has fallen on Earth. Aliens of all kinds set their eyes on the human race and planet Earth. Can they steal the Quazar Crystal from humanity successfully or will they be discovered and captured in the process? Gather your team and hunt down the Quazar Crystal now!! 

Zantorax – A violent and strong race, actively invading weaker planets with their advanced technology and strength. Their mission is to steal the Quazar Crystals and weaken the humans’ defense system for a potential attack.


The Mutagen Effect   

You and your friends visit an island owned by a corporation who specializes in taming wild animals. Unfortunately, one of your friends was attacked and left with an animal wound. Will you be able to find the doctor and get help in time? What secrets await on this mysterious island… DISCLAIMER: Physical activity such as kneeling, running and crawling may be involved.

The Darkest Hour


As years went by, humans have carelessly exhausted the majority of their energy resources. As they frantically search for a solution to this problem, they turn to you, experienced time agents, to find the secret behind infinite power. With the human race facing its darkest hour… will your team be able to light the way before it’s too late? DISCLAIMER: Don’t worry, it’s not that dark as the poster claims it to be. Wouldn’t recommend 2 players for this room.


4-6620 Kitimat Rd Mississauga, ONT, L5N 2B8
Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Etobicoke
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North Park Secondary School

We had an awesome time at Decode Adventures. The staff that lead our group session were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I have nothing but good things to say about the entire experience. The kids loved it, especially the room escape portion. I will definitely be back with next year's council. I think next time I would stay a little longer and have the kids play some board games and debrief a little with them.

Thanks again


Iroquois Ridge Business SHSM Program

For our Business High Skills Major field trip, we were challenged by the group dynamic activities that DeCode organized and ran for us.  The students learned to work together and communicate in novel ways in fun and interactive puzzle-solving activities; it was great that they were away from their phones and computers for the entire experience.  They then got to problem-solve during the escape room challenges, which were awesome - this was the best SHSM Field Trip that the students attended!


Rick Hansen Secondary School

Decode provided a positive adventure for our high school students.  They offered some great team-building activities that resulted in laughter and some fun creative exploration.  The rooms were challenging and kept all of the students engaged and enthusiastic.  I would highly recommend this experience to schools.


Google Reviews

Heather Q. Agoncillo
All the rooms are beautifully designed and well thought of. It feels like I'm entering a new world and it feels so surreal! I also love how the story correlates with the theme of the room. It is just absolutely brilliant. I have recommended TONS of people to come and play at De Code Adventures. The puzzles are challenging and extremely entertaining! The staff are also kind, fun and awesome. What's not to love about this place?

Even if you played all the rooms, there's a huge board game cafe at the back. It's the perfect place to chill, have fun, and play MORE GAMES with your friends and/or family!

Ryan Balan
Went with my co-workers for a night of fun, and what a night it was! Such a fun time trying to figure out how to escape! It was a great opportunity for us to work together in a fun and challenging environment, rooms were super cool and the puzzle we had to solve was very interesting. And the board game cafe in the back was awesome! Definitely going again with the team soon :-)

Maeve Kern
Definitely one of the best room escape experiences I've had! The staff was so friendly and helpful, and made the experience that much better. We did the Mutagen Effect room which was SO much fun and challenging but not impossible. Also, having board games available afterwards makes it the perfect place for an outing with friends. Would absolutely recommend this place, and will certainly be back soon!