DINARII Financial Education Academy

Date:April 21, 2015 4:18 pm

Dinarii Financial Education Academy offers financial literacy workshops for children (junior kindergarten to grade 12) and their parents.  Our workshops are fun and engaging. Parent Workshops Our parent financial education workshops focus on how to teach children and youth age appropriate concepts relating to personal finance in a fun way. This workshop is one hour in length and teaches parents how to implement tools and strategies in everyday life to educate children about money management. Cost $500 plus HST (East GTA additional travel charges may apply)

Children and Youth

Dinarii offers a variety of workshops, which differ based on student's age groups. All of our workshops are fun and educational. Each workshop covers financial literacy and money management topics that are appropriate for specific age group. Our lessons include real life examples.  Children are encouraged to participate in various activities and games. They leave the workshop with a better understanding of the financial world around them and develop skills and knowledge to manage their personal well-being with more confidence.

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"I thought you did a great job incorporating elements of the Media Literacy strand into the presentation. Showing the commercials and advertisements allowed the students to identify ways in which they are being persuading to purchase items in their life. I also like the "Wants vs. Needs" activity. Having the students working with a budget ... was something that had them compare prices and determine how they should spend their money."

Andrea Giannone
Grade 5 Teacher
Kenollie P.S

"The kids really enjoyed the presentation and were very engaged and wanting to participate. I find it was very well done, interactive and covered several important aspects of our ever changing world...  All my feedback is great and I also mentioned to the Principal how I was pleased with your presentation!"

Mr. David Matueszswska
Grade 3 Teacher
Agnes Taylor P.S.

"Thank you, once again, for coming in to spend time with my class. The students enjoyed their time with you and I could tell that they were engaged and eager to share their responses. The elements of Media Literacy that you covered (e.g., ads and commercials) were very appropriate for this grade level and linked well with the grade 4 and 5 curriculum."

Jacklyn Bertran
Grade 4/5 Teacher
Kenollie Public School

"Very informative! I wish I knew this when I was younger. These are definitely things to keep in mind with my own children." - Attendee of workshop for parents on How to Teach Kids & Youth Financial Literacy

"Extremely educational. Really good guidance for parents to help kids." - Lester, attendee of workshop for parents on How to Teach Kids & Youth Financial Literacy

"Good overview of key issues we as parents need to think of when teaching kids about money." - Mr. Cvejic - attendee of workshop for parents on How to Teach Kids and Youth Financial Literacy