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Students and teachers alike are saying it………. DrumFIT is AWESOME!!!!    (Check out our video section and see for yourself!)  pro grant Are you applying for the PROGRANT? We are an approved program bringing families together.  Just email us for pricing!  DrumFIT is a cardio-based drumming program that combines physical activity with brain fitness, resulting in the most fun students can have while increasing their overall wellbeing. At DrumFIT, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive and adaptable program for students of all ages and abilities. There is zero learning curve, zero competition, and zero right or wrong way to do it. The only rule in DrumFIT is to HAVE FUN! Students grab drumsticks, and drum away to amazing music all while incorporating brain fitness activities that are FUN! We know how important it is to bring movement and music back to the forefront of schools to have healthy students. Here are a few “Awesome to know” facts about DrumFIT:

  1. Brain Fitness activities increase mental capabilities improving students overall wellbeing. We incorporate fine motor skills, reflexes, spatial awareness, cognitive association and other brain fitness activities in our classes.
  2. DrumFIT is inclusive for everyone. No one is left behind. By following rhythms but also allowing expression for creativity, our classes suit all types of learning styles.
  3. Schools that have incorporated DrumFIT find a decrease in behavioral issues, an increase in self-esteem and an increase in attention span and concentration levels.

So you want to bring DrumFIT to your school, what does a day look like? Our Pro Trainers at DrumFIT absolutely LOVE going out to schools for a DrumDAY. These trainers are certified DrumFIT Instructors with enough energy and enthusiasm to blow the roof off of your school! (And we love them for it 🙂 ). Students will have a blast, and are guaranteed to run home and tell their parents about the AMAZING day they had at school! Here is the idea (Please call or email us for more information – we would love to hear from you!) :

  • A DrumFIT Instructor comes to your school for a full day.
  • We can drum with up to 400 students per day/60 students per session.
  • Sessions generally run 30 or 45 minutes each and are age-appropriate classes.
  • We offer discounts on multiple DrumDAY bookings, the more you drum, the better the price 🙂

If you love your DrumDAY and want to bring DrumFIT in full time…… AWESOME! We have DrumFIT KITS available for purchase as well. These kits include all of the equipment needed, as well as our new Play N’ Go Curriculum, which allows teachers to use the 40 minute class videos or they can choose to build their own class with our individual video playlist builder – there are over 200 videos to choose from. You can then simply project the videos onto the gym wall and away you go!  If you have any questions or would like more information on bringing DrumFIT to your school, please don’t hesitate to call or email! We look forward to hearing from you!

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“We had the opportunity to book Drumfit for our school to start off the year. It was truly one of the best decisions we have ever made. The students explored rhythms in a variety of ways – drumsticks on the fitness balls, drumsticks together, fitness ball with hands, fitness ball on the ground etc. The creative process was evident when the students had the chance to respond to the music and invent other ways of creating sound with the fitness balls and drumsticks. The music that Val and Liz chose had a defined beat that helped the students create their rhythms.

This was a truly positive experience for all of us as was demonstrated by all of the smiles on the participants faces. With Drumfit, the students had a chance to explore music, have fun and to get some exercise. We are planning on booking Drumfit again for next fall! I highly recommend the Drumfit program.”

Marion Roy, Music Teacher, Oscar Peterson Public School, and
President – Ontario Orff Chapter – Carl Orff Canada