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Classroom Presentations

All of EcoSuperior’s education programs are linked to the Ontario School Curriculum and most are available free of charge! Programs are available to schools within the District of Thunder Bay.  Simply click on the links below to read specific information for each program, including links to the Ontario School Curriculum.

To Book A Program

1. Review our list of School Programs.  Click on the links to read detailed information about each program as well a list of Ontario curriculum links.

2. Contact Erin Moir at 624-2147 or, please include your top 3 dates and times in your email.

3. Once your program time has been confirmed, please read Preparing For Your Visit

4. Review the Keyword Document that corresponds to the program you have booked (some updates still to come!)


Water Watchers 

Help your students learn about water conservation!  This 45-minute program offers a fun way for your students to expand their knowledge of water, how we use it, where it comes from and why we need to use it wisely.

  • Grade 2 Science:  Understanding Earth and Space Systems – Air and Water in the Environment

Keep it Superior 

This program educates students about the impacts of pollution entering urban storm drains. This presentation aims to remind people to make sure run-off includes nothing but rain! Classes who book this presentation will receive a Lake Superior watershed map for their classroom or library.

  • Grade 4 Science: Understanding Life Systems: Habitats and Communities

        Preventing the Invasion – NEW!

This program investigates the effects of invasive species on our aquatic ecosystems.  Learn to identify invasive species that now call Lake Superior home.  Help Prevent the Invasion by taking action and setting a good example for your community. Please note, the Grade 9 program has been developed as a two day (two period) program.  Part 1 introduces students to invasive species in our community and Part 2 allows students an opportunity to develop prevention strategies for the possible invasion of a local threat – the Emeral Ash Borer.

Elementary (50-minute presentation)

  • Grade 6 Science: Understanding Life Systems: Biodiversity

Secondary (2 – 70-minute presentations)

  • Grade 9 Science Academic: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Grade 9 Science Applies: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity

Superior Soup – NEW!

Key Words

Take a closer look at the Lake Superior watershed with this hands-on presentation using our giant floor map!  Students learn the effects of microplastic pollution within a watershed and explore the different sources of plastic found in our environment.

When we turn on the tap we receive clean, safe, fresh, Lake Superior water.  Investigate how our water gets from the Lake to our taps and how it truly is Superior.  This program offers a fun way for students to examine all aspects of our municipal tap water.

Elementary (50-minute presentation)

  • Grade 5 Science: Understand Earth and Space Systems – Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Grade 7 Science: Understanding Life Systems – Interactions in the Environment

Secondary (70-minute presentation)

  • Grade 9 Science Academic: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Grade 9 Science Applied: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity
  • Grade 9 Geography: Interactions in the Physical Environment; Managing Canada’s Resources and Industries
  • Grade 11 Environmental Science: Reducing and Managing Waste; Human Health and the Environment


This dynamic 50-minute presentation introduces students to the Lake-to-Lake municipal water management paradigm.  From the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant to the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant, students learn how they are connected to everything in-between.

  • Grade 8 Science: Understanding Earth and Space Systems – Water Systems


Wild about Worms

Students will explore the characteristics of soil and the relationship between soil and living things.  Students will expand their knowledge of food groups and how to reduce household waste by composting.  Optional: Presenter will help your class set up a classroom vermicomposter (all materials included).  *two week notice required to prepare worms and materials*

Cost for presentation: $30 Cost with vermicomposter: $40

  • Grade 3 Science: Understanding Life Systems – Growth and Changes in Plants; Understanding Earth and Space Systems – Soils in the Environment
  • Grade 2-4 Health and Physical Education


Shower Power

Some personal care products are safer for people and the environment than others.  This 45-minute program teaches students in a fun and interactive way about emerging contaminants in wastewater, and how to choose safer personal care products.

  • Grade 5 Science: Understanding Life Systems – Human Organ Systems
  • Grade 6 Science: Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity

Natural Habits 

What are the ingredients in your everyday personal care products?  How do these products affect your health and the environment?  This 70-minute presentation introduces students to the issues surrounding personal care products and make informed choices to protect themselves and the environment.

  • Grade 10 Science Academic: Biology – Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Thing
  • Grade 10 Science Applied: Biology – Tissues, Organs, and Systems
  • Grade 11 Chemistry University Preparation: Chemical Reactions; Solutions and Solubility
  • Grade 12 Chemistry University Preparation: Organic Chemistry
  • Grade 12 Chemistry College Preparation: Organic Chemistry; Chemistry in the Environment
  • Grade 11 Hairstyling & Aesthetics: Theory and Foundation


Facing Change

There are not many days that climate change isn’t mentioned in the news, in our community and our daily lives.  Take closer look at the effects of climate change on Lake Superior.  Think critically about mitigation and adaptation strategies.

  • Grade 9 Science Academic: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Grade 9 Science Applied: Biology – Sustainable Ecosystems & Human Activity
  • Grade 10 Science Academic:Earth & Space Science – Climate Change
  • Grade 10 Science Applied: Earth & Space Science – Earth’s Dynamic Climate

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  We’re happy to develop programs by request based on your class’s requirements.  Please contact Erin ( – 624-2147) to discuss options.

ECOKITS are also available for loan.  Follow this link to find out more!
Our education programs are supported by funding from the Ministry of the Environment and the City of Thunder Bay. 


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