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FOLKLORE MUSIC: Hands-on In-school Presentations... Black History / African Drumming; World Cultures; First Nations; Early Canada; Early Societies; and Music Essentials for K to grade 8.

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Supports and helps satisfy the Ontario Curriculum!  Email or call Jim at 905 819-4789 or text 416 806-6870                 

Ask for references! We serve Elementary schools, Pre-school, Middle Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Conferences, Community Groups, Museums, Vocal Choirs, Hand bell Choirs, and Therapeutic Recreation Events.  We also offer event entertainment….  World Music, Heritage Music, Medieval / Renaissance Minstrel, Rock & Roll, Country, Classic Rock, R&B and more.

Themes:  First Nations / Aboriginal Presentations + African Drum Circles + Early Canada Workshops + Music Around the World + Early Societies + Essentials of Music + FUNdamentals of Music + Ear Training + Music in Special Education + Music in Therapeutic Recreation + Music and Growth Mindset + World Music & Dance Workshops… plus Winter and March Break Camp Programs, Daycare Programs, K to grade 12.  Our cross-curricular workshops address math, green planet, science, and more.  Adult and Seniors Groups, Special Education, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Scouts, Guides, Professional Development workshops, Conferences, Colleges and more!  Author / Educator / Musician Jim Arnold is the facilitator.  Our music workshops and drum circles are very easy to arrange, affordable and there is no deposit required when booking. We make learning a fun and memorable experience.   

The hands-on lessons can be presented in a library, classroom, gym or outside among nature if weather permits.  We now offer two, three and four-day programs for schools to satisfy the music curriculum.

Tel 905 819-4789    email Visit:
No deposit is required.  No preparation required by teachers. Request available dates and a detailed quotation today!


GROWTH MINDSET THROUGH MUSIC – A Hands-on Music Assembly to support positive character training and growth mindset learning habits.  Your students will play African drums in this memorable and engaging hands-on assembly. 1 to 12 Character Development
MUSIC ACROSS THE CURRICULUM –  Music and math, music and science, music and history, music and geography, music and language, music and drama, music and dance, music and health.  This fun workshop is full of memorable hands-on activities that demonstrate to students how music has a connection throughout our lives.   Students will play drums throughout this workshop.  All workshops are fun, educational, hands-on and engaging.    All Cross-curricular
MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD (see video above) Students will learn and play rhythms in a world drum circle as they experience the music of Africa, South Asia, China, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. The workshop concludes with a First Nations activity. This multicultural hands-on workshop supports and enriches the Ontario music curriculum. Your gym will be filled with instruments from around the world. Students will demonstrate the harp, lute, sitar, bazouki, steel pan, zither and percussion instruments from diverse cultures.    All Music
FIRST NATIONS DRUMMING AND DANCING (see video above) Each student will be given a drum and will participate in drumming, dance and drama activities throughout this workshop.  The lessons  help satisfy A1 and C1 of the Ontario arts curriculum.    The history component is modified for each grade and covers the interaction with settlers, land treaties, reserves, pow wows, fur trading, New France, Metis, Upper Canada, Aboriginal elders, clans, tribes, and nations. Presented by Pam Levi.  See Pam's youtube video….   "Pam Levi on the Candy Show"  Experience  FNMI History through the Arts.    All Social Studies/History Music, Dance, Drama
EARLY SOCIETIES (Ancient & Medieval) THROUGH MUSIC, DANCE AND DRAMA –  Grade 4 students will be engaged in hands-on music, dance and drama activities from beginning to end as they learn about Ancient China, Egypt, Greece and Rome, then they go on to learn about Medieval Times through hands-on activities.     4 Social Studies, Music, Dance and Drama
 LITERACY, NUMERACY AND MUSIC – Students will drum and engage in a variety of music, dance, drama and visual arts activities as they learn  relevant math lessons. Modified for Kindergarten to grade 8.   K to 8 Math, Science, Arts
KINDERGARTEN MUSIC AND DANCE:  A fun, curriculum focused interactive workshop. Students will play African drums, strum a harp, create melodies on instruments, express through the arts, dance, sing, and use drama skills.  The facilitator will play a variety of string instruments as they lead the engaging workshop  JK/SK Music and Dance
THEMES:   Assembly or workshop format.  Our associate presenter offers… Bullying, Social Justice, School Spirit, Back to School, Black History, African culture, South Asian culture, Canada and Canadian History, Aboriginal, Dance, Drama, Character Traits, Science, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Grade 2 World Traditions and Celebrations, Senior, JK, SK, Social Studies. Music Across the Curriculum – links to science, math, history, language and more.     All Cross-curricular arts
LIVE MUSIC: Jim Arnold can provide a live music performance or themed show for your event from soloists to a six-piece band. All styles and genres of music are available. We can provide services at a dance, party, celebration, conference, college, private event, university, conservation area, community centre, church, temple or other place of worship. You can also see us on "weentertainseniors".. Contact Jim today and ask for fees and entertainment options.   Entertainment
MORE WORKSHOPS –  Hand Drums; Spoons & Small Percussion; Harmonica; Guitar; Ukulele; Jamboree for Non-musicians; Parent Council Events; School Open House Events, School Council Events, Choir Workshops, Bell Choir Workshops. Music in Recreation Therapy, Ear Training, Music Essentials for ECEs, Music Essentials for CYWs, Music Essentials for Camp Leader, Preschool and Daycare Workshops, Special Education workshops, and more.. All ages   Education and Entertainment

Holiday Music – Christmas Bells and more.  Ask us for options!

MUSIC IN SPECIAL EDUCATION – We are pleased to provide references and testimonials. If you work with students with special needs, you will learn music skills, music FUNdamentals, educational music activities and behavior management strategies. The Magic of Music for non-musicians.    
EAR TRAINING FOR SINGERS AND MUSICIANS – A fun and educational workshop where participants use rhythm and melodic instruments to improve their ability to follow music. Sharpen your musical ear!    
MUSIC ESSENTIALS FOR ECEs – Learn musical skills, games and songs to teach fundamental music concepts.  Discover how to use the piano, ukulele, xylophone, drum, hand bells, and soundscape instruments.      MUSIC ACROSS THE CURRICULUM FOR ECEs –  Learn songs and activities to teach numeracy, literacy, science, social studies, dance, drama, health.     
ARTSECO Members – Contact us for details on board wide discounts. When planning a school board arts event such as ARTS ALIVE, please contact for resources.  We are proud to provide references from Principals and Teachers. We service PDSB, DPCDSB, HDSB, HCDSB, TDSB, TCDSB, HWDSB, HWCDSB, WRDSB, WCDSB, DSBN, NCDSB, TVDSB, LCDSB, UGDSB, YRDSB, YCDSB, DDSB, DCSB, GEDSB, BHCDSB, Wellington CDSB and beyond.    
SCHOOL COUNCIL AND PARENT INVOLVEMENT  – We offer a fun, motivational and educational activity for parents and students. We bring a  hands-on world drum circle activity to your school open house and parent – teacher night.  Ask your school council's parent involvement representative to contact us for details. Contact Jim at 905 819-4789 or email
School boards served: TDSB, TCDSB, PDSB, DPCDSB, HDSB, HCDSB, HWDSB, HWCDSB, NCDSB, DSBN, WRDSB, WCDSB, BHNCDSB, Wellington DSB, YRDSB, YCDSB, DDSB, DCDSB, TVDSB, LCDSB and beyond.  Ask us about our Music Program for Home Schooling in Peel, Halton, York, Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo and beyond
Cities and Regions served: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Orangeville, Guelph, Fergus, Caledon, Bolton,Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Hamilton, Milton, Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catherines, Woodstock, Paris, Dundas, Brantford, Oshawa, Barrie, Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Brantford, Bradford, Curtis, Thornhill, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Stratford, Tilsonburg, Grand Erie and beyond.


Jim Arnold is an author, musician, music educator, and owner of Folklore Music and Arts. Jim has been presenting hands-on music-based workshops in the Greater Toronto area for over ten years.  He is a member of the Ontario Music Education Association ( OMEA ), and the Early Childhood Music Association of Ontario ( ECMAO ).   The First Nations Drumming presentation is facilitated by a talented First Nations performer.  Jim supports the MINDSET approach to learning developed by Dr. Carol Dweck . If we can not provide the arts education or entertainment you are looking for, we will suggest other providers of high-quality providers such as Prologue, Mariposa in the Schools, the Arts Council of Ontario, OISE, Arts Council of Canada, and independent artists.

KEYWORDS: medieval times field trip, social studies, heritage and identity, Early Societies, steel pan, holiday, summer, Ontario Arts Council, FNMI, LBGTQ Member of the Ontario Music Educators Association.  Member of Choirs Ontario.  Member of Early Childhood Music Association of Ontario, Society for the Arts in Dementia Care, Mississauga Arts Council. summer camp, drum circle, school, event, alternate to Prologue,   Africa, growth mindset, world music, assembly, workshop. Festivals and Events Ontario, Ribfest, Fair, Festival, Arts Council, School Board, Lessons, Training, Artist in the School, Program,, "Festivals and Events Ontario" Free resources, customized programs, guzheng, tabla, harmonium, sitar, dragon dance, lion dance, pow wow, spiritual,

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3022 Prentiss Road, Mississauga, ON L5L 3X1
Visit Jim Arnold is an Educator and Musician who serves Southern Ontario and South Western Ontario
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Our popular hands-on music programs are modified for all ages and abilities.

Our workshops are enjoyed at schools, camps, events, festivals, conferences, and summer schools.

We also offer Professional Development music workshops for non-musicians who work as councillors, therapists, special education teachers, PSWs, ECEs, and recreation staff,

Our Professional Development workshops have been presented at conferences across Canada and we can issue Education Certificates with CEUs.  As for a quotation. Private training is also available.

The instruments we bring to our multicultural workshops include the sitar, guzheng, steel pan, guitar, ukulele, lute, hurdy gurdy, violin, harmonium, accordion, tabla and many other world and aboriginal instruments.

A low cost alternative to visiting a museum, conservation area or government buildings.