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Date:January 28, 2015 3:19 pm

Educational Programs

Offered from mid-April to late-June and September to mid-November. We offer curriculum-related, interactive school programs for Grade 3 students. During their visit, students will take part in various demonstrations and activities that depict the chores, jobs, and pastimes of nineteenth-century settlers. Please contact the Village for rates and booking information.

Grade 3 Early Settlement Program

During a visit to the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives, students will take part in various interactive, hands-on demonstrations and activities that depict the chores, jobs, and pastimes of nineteenth-century settlers. Some of the demonstrations and activities to choose from include farm chores, laundry, cooking, candle making and militia drills.

All programs can be modified to suit your specific classroom instruction, and are offered in short-day, half-day, or full-day durations. If you wish to provide your students with an engaging and informative introduction to Canada's history of early settlement, please contact us today for further information.
To book a program, complete the Excursion Application Form and return it by fax or email.

Curriculum Links

Education programs provided by the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives are directly linked to Grade 3 History Strand A- Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, 1780-1850; and Strand B- People and Environments: Living and Working in Ontario.
During a visit to the Village, students will:
  • Make comparisons between aspects of life in early settler communities and present-day communities (e.g. buildings and structures, daily routines, education, jobs, recreation, food preparation, role of the child, etc.)
  • Learn about who the early settlers of the community were, their different origins and how they interacted with one another.
  • Learn about how early settlers learned from First Nation peoples in ways that helped them adapt to their new environment (e.g., knowledge about food and medicine, adapting to the changing Canadian seasons)
  • View examples of buildings that comprised an early settlement (e.g., church, schoolhouse, general store, blacksmith shop, and log home) and the trades and occupations that occupied them.
  • Become re-acquainted with appropriate vocabulary learned in the classroom (e.g., pioneer, settlers, grist mill, settlement, general store, blacksmith, First Nation peoples, barter system, etc.)
  • Examine various tools, technologies, and common household items used by early settlers and/or First Nation peoples, and evaluate how they differ, or are similar to, present-day examples

Rise to Rebellion (R2R)

Education Days for Grade 7 students

Demonstrations - Entertainment - Battle. It’s history that happened here! Thursday, May 7th & Friday, May 8th, $6/student. R2R is an interactive re-enactment of the 1837 Rebellion of Upper Canada, a pivotal moment in Canadian history. Students come face-to-face with William Lyon Mackenzie and march alongside military reenactors to recreate the struggle that led to responsible government. Space is limited, schools must register in advance. Click on the link below for additional information:

Curriculum Links

Rise to Rebellion Education Days provided by the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives are directly linked to Grade 7 History Strand B- Canada, 1800-1850: Conflict and Challenges.

Additional Programs

The Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives is happy to work with teachers to create a program to suit the needs of their class. All grades are welcome and the creative team at the Georgina Pioneer Village is happy to meet your curriculum requirements in a tailor-made visit. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for.

Book your trip today!

Contact:  Melissa Matt, Cultural Services Representative Telephone:  905-476-4301 ext. 2284 Fax:  905-476-8100  Email:   

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