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TAKE YOUR GROUP TO NEW HEIGHTS! Why not offer your students and campers something new this year? For a special field trip or as part of specific course curriculum – jump from theory to practice with a uniquely exhilarating experience in a safe environment. The iFLY Toronto Education Program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of flight science and engineering through a combination of visual presentations, quantitative experimentations and follow-up activities – including an individual flight experience in the iFLY Toronto vertical wind tunnel! The Education Program was developed to meet core Science and Math learning objectives of the Ontario Elementary Curriculum. Specifically:

  • Grade 3 (Forces Causing Movement, Measurement, Data Management and Probability)
  • Grade 6 (Flight, Collection and Organization of Data, Data Relationships)
  • Grade 8 (Fluids, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense)

An iFLY Toronto field trip makes math, science and engineering come to life with tactile experience, real-world data observation, and a huge amount of fun! What iFLY Toronto aims to show your students is that science, engineering, and math are not just subjects to read about in books. We show them how science and math are used in the real world, in exciting and amazing ways. Understanding how drag is influenced by the shape and size of an object and the velocity of the fluid stream is important in engineering of aircraft, ships, cars, bridges, and buildings; in sports such as swimming, running, cycling, and skiing; and in earth sciences such as meteorology and oceanography. If your students could safely experience the thrill of flying in a vertical wind tunnel, would they suddenly become more interested in mass, drag, and terminal velocity? This is a once in a lifetime experience for students to not only have an amazing interactive learning experience – but gives them a chance to experience body flight first hand in a safe environment. The package includes the Four Components of the iFLY Education Program Experience:

Physics Lecture

  • Terminal Velocity (velocity, gas density, frontal area, drag coefficients, mass, gravity)
  • Covers math principles to complete lab experiment
  • Pressure and tunnel vacuum
  • Fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion, Venturi Effect [grade specific]
  • Practical uses of Wind Tunnels

Experiments & Demonstrations

  • Note the terminal velocities of various objects from the airspeed readout monitor
  • Observing flight stability, center of mass, and center of drag effect
  • Observe the properties of a raindrop
  • Grade specific hands-on lab activity [design and test a parachute system or personal terminal velocity estimation]
  • Bodyflight demo by a professional Wind Tunnel Flyer

Training & Safety

  • All Students will participate in a Bodyflight training session conducted by a certified International Bodyflight Association Flight Instructor.
  • Training focuses on adopting a stable body position, hand signals and safety rules.
  • Gear rental is included and will be provided to each student – including a flight suit, safety goggles, ear plugs and a helmet.


  • Students will experience an individual flight accompanied by a certified IBA instructor – equivalent to the free-fall portion of 1 ½ skydives.

iFLY Toronto can’t wait for your school to take part in this amazing learning experience! Contact us today for more information and booking requirements.

Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Etobicoke
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"It's amazing to think that students and teachers alike are able to not only experience flight using the very same equipment that pro skydivers and military personnel use to train, but also that a company like this is working so diligently to make real-world connections with the classroom space. It seemed like when I was in school, the closest thing we got to that was watching a movie that would even put the teacher to sleep. It’s initiatives like this that can help peak curiosity within young minds, have fun, and propel us up the technological career race (no pun intended).

If you’re looking for that special spark to ignite your classroom’s interest in STEM education this year, this is easily the hottest ticket in town. Not only will you be on the cutting edge of education, but the coolest teacher to walk the hallways." - Mike Maravilla,