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Maker Junior

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Maker Junior‘s award-winning programming combines traditional arts and crafts materials with technology and electronic components. We believe that learning happens with doing. Our hands-on projects inspire creativity and self-motivated learning.  To find out more, please use the above QUESTIONS?… CONTACT US form.


Maker Junior provides 1-hour and half-day workshops in the classroom.

1-hr Classroom Workshops

Doodlebots (Grades 3-8)

Use your imagination to invent a robot that doodles! All the supplies you need will be provided, but how will you put them together?

Break and Make (Grades 3-8)

Learn how something works by taking it apart. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to work again! We’ll provide safety glasses, tools, and discarded electronics to take apart.

Electro-Cards (Grades 5-8)

Paint a circuit to make a greeting card that lights up! Use conductive paint, batteries and LEDs. Learn about open and closed circuits, schematic diagrams, and how to make your own switch.

Quiz Cards (Grades 5-8)

Make your own multiple choice game where the correct answer lights up! Learn about open and closed circuits, schematic diagrams, and conductivity.

Light it up! Duct Tape (Grades 6-8)

Explore wearable technology with duct tape, conductive thread, and basic components. Make a switch out of velcro. Learn about open and closed circuits, LEDs and conductivity.

Soft Circuits (Grades 6-8)

Make your own soft circuit felt creation. Sew a circuit using conductive thread, batteries, and LEDS. Make a switch out of snap fasteners.

1/2 Day Classroom Workshops

Inventing with the MaKey MaKey (Grades 5-8)

The MaKey MaKey is an innovative device that enables students to build their own interface to a computer. In this class, we’ll use the Scratch programming language and the Makey Makey to create our musical instruments and video game controllers.


Maker Junior has been successfully running workshops at schools, libraries and community centres since 2013. Workshops and projects have been developed and tested with various age groups and abilities. Alison Evans Adnani founded Maker Junior with her sons in 2013. They are active participants in the maker movement and have exhibited and presented at Maker Faires across North America. They were excited to be recognized with the World Maker Faire Educators Choice Award at New York City in 2013 and the Toronto Mini Maker Faire Best in Show Award in 2014. Alison presented “Bringing Making Out of the Maker Space” on the Education Stage at the San Mateo Maker Faire in 2014.


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"My favorite part of our sessions with Alison was getting to use the final product, it felt good to know that I made that quiz card or electro-card." - Student Feedback from Churchill Alternative School

"Alison should visit classes because its a great experience for all ages and she teaches it very well ANd all the kids would have a blast." - Student Feedback from Churchill Alternative School

"Whenever Alison from Maker Junior visits our classroom, the students know they’re in for a fun, interactive, educational time. Getting to play with circuits, batteries, interesting conductive materials and other electronics in a create and artistic way has worked beautifully with grade 1/2 and 5/6 students. Alison works effectively with groups of students and encourages them to make their own discoveries, empowering them. I highly recommend classroom teachers and youth groups invite Alison in to work with youth!" - Teacher Input from Churchill Alternative School