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Mixed Company Theatre

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Since 1983, Mixed Company has engaged, educated and empowered more than 400,000 elementary, middle secondary and post-secondary school learners throughout Ontario. We tour three to four Forum Theatre presentations throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond each year. Forum Theatre is part of the current Drama curriculum for Ontario schools, but Mixed Company’s interactive productions support Ontario curriculum requirements in other areas as well, including Language Arts, Health and Physical Education, and Social and Family Studies. As Ontario’s only touring Forum Theatre company, we bring an innovative approach to examining difficult issues, including family relations, peer pressure, sexual health, racism, homelessness, drugs, alcohol and violence. We consult with educators and the Ontario curriculum in developing each of our shows, which means that you can rest easy knowing that your Mixed Company production has been thoughtfully tailored to the needs and developmental level of your learners. The interactive nature of Forum Theatre involves the audience in developing real-time strategies for dealing with social and personal issues, and engages audience members directly in creating practical solutions they can apply to similar situations in their own lives. By using theatre as an educational tool, Mixed Company stimulates critical thinking and engages students in active problem solving. Our teaching guides are designed to help educators integrate our productions into their own learning plans, and continue the active discussions long after we’ve left the building.

Educational Tours 

Anxiety Show

Mixed Company Theatre has an upcoming project that aims to address anxiety among children and adolescents from Grades 7 to 10. This production will provide information for early intervention for students who may never have had told anyone their fears and anxieties. It also aims to reduce the stigma of anxiety and encourage students to come forward and reach out for help.

Tours Schools in the GTA during the 2015/2016 School Year

Pre-Book now to reserve your place! 


Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages is a play that follows the story of Teesha, a young woman determined to balance academics and a social life at high school. Teesha struggles with social pressures and the influences of her peers – like her childhood friend, Kim who likes to party, and Eric, a new romantic interest – until, at a party one evening, impaired judgment and miscommunication result in unwanted and tragic circumstances. Mixed Messages uses Forum Theatre to address issues of drugs, alcohol and sexual assault and asks students to discuss what could have been said or done differently to make clearer choices and allow someone to find their voice in uncomfortable situations.


  • Empowers teens to make healthy choices.
  • Informs students on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Provides students with a toolbox of positive options and solutions to peer pressure.
  • Catalyzing discussion about consent.

Tour Details

Where? Touring GTA & surrounding areas

When? 2015/2016 School Year

Who? Grades 6-8/9-12

Max. Audience Size: 200

Price: $775+HST per show (Ask about our discounts for multiple performances)



Custom Workshops for Schools

Workshops for Schools

MIXED COMPANY THEATRE has been delivering workshops to schools for over 20 years. Our made-to-order workshops are an ideal, safe way to explore an issue. Our trained facilitators create engaging and interactive workshops that encourage involvement of all participants. By using theatre as an educational tool, MCT stimulates critical thinking and engages students in active problem-solving skills. Below are some of themes that can be explored in our workshops each tailored to your students and tied to the Ontario curriculum: BULLYING, SUBSTANCE MISUSE, DIVERSITY, MENTAL HEALTH, HEALTHY LIVING, HOMOPHOBIA, SEXUAL ASSAULT, GANG VIOLENCE, HARASSMENT, AND PEER PRESSURE.

Note: Custom workshops are available in French and English for students, educators and parents. Download the Flyer.

DURATION: 60-75 mins (1 Class Period)COST: $250 + HST PARTICIPANTS: 20 students/facilitator LEARNING OUTCOMES: Class participation, oral communication, creating and presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing an issue. DURATION: 2.5 hoursCOST: $500 + HSTPARTICIPANTS: 20 students/facilitator LEARNING OUTCOMES: Group participation, oral communication, creating and presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing. DURATION: 1 Full Day (7-8 hours)COST: $750+HST PARTICIPANTS: 20 students/facilitator LEARNING OUTCOMES: Group building and teamwork, oral communication, creating and presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing. DURATION: 2 Full Days + 1hr PresentationCOST: $1,500+HST PARTICIPANTS: 20 students/facilitator LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Presenting in front of an audience, oral communication, creating and presenting, reflecting, responding and analyzing
Within a full class period, your students will explore the selected theme using forum theatre games and activities. MCT will encourage students to create images or tableaus, which are inspired by the workshop theme. The students will analyze how these issues effect themselves and others. This half day facilitation delves deeper into the analysis of the selected theme. Using forum theatre techniques, students will build connections with each other and further explore the issues through the creation of vignettes or scenes within smaller groups. Students begin with a number of interactive games and exercises to help build trust and encourage openness. Through vignettes and image making, students explore the selected theme, analyze behaviors, and discover possible options and solutions. Students then work in groups where they will develop scenes on this issue and present what they have created to the entire class.  Students utilize games and exercises to further explore an issue. With an MCT facilitator, students will develop and rehearse a presentation from the issue. On the last day, a 1 hour presentation will be performed for the other grades. Students will present their creations then facilitator will invite the audience members to step into the play and change the outcome.


Parent Workshop

Duration: 2.5 hours Cost: $750+ HST Participants: 25 Description: MCT begins the first half of the parent workshop discussing the issues of bullying between classmates and the involvement of administration. The parents will explore the realities of their children that are either being bullied or the person bullying another at school and the role of the administration. MCT will present a series of vignettes and allow the parents to stop the action of the scene and offer other options, alternative and possible solutions.

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From Educators:

“Our girls were inspired and in awe of the Mixed Company Theatre’s presentation—it was entertaining, thought provoking, and fun! Our students also appreciated the chance to interact with the company and reflect on the important messages being shared. Thanks again to everyone for making this one of our great presentations this year and for reminding us about fostering positive relationships with each other!”
—Teacher, TCDSB

“Educating adolescents is hard work—it requires knowledge, humour, presentation skills and most importantly, an understanding of developmental needs. I love it when one of our young people asks an actor to freeze, assumes their role, and puts on a stunning performance on how to say no, or how to be assertive, or how to resolve a sticky problem.”
—Ron Gray, Guidance Counsellor, Don Mills Collegiate Institute

“…Your performers are very professional and gifted in dealing with adolescents.”
—Lauren MacDonald, Vice-Principal, Parkdale C.I., Toronto

“Of all the plays/entertainers we have had this was the best value and message for the money.”
—Teacher, East York C.I., Toronto

“This was one of the best educational experiences bar none that I’ve viewed in my 22-year teaching career…The control of the actors, the director and the students resulted in a very gripping and charged experience. It’s not often that 19-year-old students will enthusiastically endorse a school presentation but this was it!”
—Tom Kriener, Head JCI MPHE, Jarvis C.I., Toronto

“Excellent work! My Students were engaged throughout, and the work continued for two weeks following the performance.”
—Teacher, YRDSB

“I have been able to use Mixed Company presentations and some materials from your teaching guide to continue to use lessons from the story and make students think about their own lives and involvement with peer pressure. My students loved the performance and were very much engaged.”
—Teacher, TDSB

“It was a pleasure having Mixed Company Theatre perform at Riddell. They were able to successfully plan and implement an anti-bullying performance that included all of the key messages and strategies for dealing with bullying. It was an interactive presentation with students participating and problem-solving throughout the performance. It was Grades 4-6 age-appropriate and connected very well to discussing our own school climate and how all of us have a responsibility to make Riddell the safest place to learn and achieve our full potential.”
—Wes Hahn, Principal, R A Riddell

“I have to honestly say that this was by far the best performance I have brought to any of the schools that I have been admin at. The production and actors were absolutely outstanding. The accolades are pouring in from students and staff. My students felt it was the best assembly they have ever attended and staff all dropped by my office to say they were totally impressed. Please express my sincere thanks to the outstanding actors. They did a phenomenal job . I explained to them that Iona is an Arts school – they were not aware of this and therefore my students totally appreciated the talent and performance. They were a totally captivated and engaged audience. Congratulations on a job well done!”
—Joanna Boudreau, Principal, Iona Catholic Secondary School

“I just wanted to say that I thought the production was excellent – one of the better dramatic plays that I have watched in my 21 years of teaching the actors should be very proud of themselves! Thank you very much for your desire to make a difference…I loved the way the audience was able to interact with the performers and the performers stayed within their role – I have never seen a level of participation like this before”
—Michael Bokla, Elmbank JMA

“Mixed Theatre Company has done it again! Project ACT is a wonderfully interactive performance which engages students from the first second. This production deals with healthy life style choices but does not ‘preach’ at students, rather engages them in thinking about the implications of their choices in a manner which invites their input and values their suggestions. I have no hesitation in recommending this performance for our middle and secondary school students.”
—Lesley Cunningham, Social Worker, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

“Thanks to the creative talents of the Mixed Company Theatre group, thought provoking and dynamic live ‘case studies’ were performed at a conference for our professors who deal with challenging classroom situations.  The actor’s ability to engage our audience and improvise around participants who shared their ideas on how to resolve issues was extremely helpful in consolidating their overall learning experience.”
—Cathi Berge, Director, HR & Organizational Development, Sheridan College