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We offer financial literacy workshops, family assemblies, parent workshops and classroom programs for elementary and secondary students.

Money School Canada has been teaching math and money to parents and students in Grades 4 through 12 for more than a decade. Money School Canada has financial literacy educational programs for anyone interested in helping young people to develop the money management skills and knowledge they need to be successful. Helping young people to learn about money does not need to be complicated or boring! Whether you are an elementary teacher looking for a financial literacy co-curricular classroom program, a principal interested in giving teenage students a comprehensive introduction to real-world essentials like saving, smart spending, budgeting, borrowing and credit cards or you are a parent interested in tips and tools to help your children to develop this critical life-skill you can count on Money School Canada to deliver.

We have worked with thousands of students of all ages, with parents, teachers and with youth transitioning to independence to take the mystery out of money. Our unique, innovative teaching approach, in-depth content, proven program effectiveness and the quality, knowledge and professionalism of our facilitators sets us apart. Money School Canada brings innovative and highly engaging financial literacy workshops right into your classroom, cafeteria, library or gym! In the classroom, students are introduced to the essentials of personal money management in a hands-on, fun and memorable format. Our Moneyi$t in the School workshops provide students with a plain language introduction to key money vocabulary, concepts and practices that serve as a foundation for curriculum integration through the year [and throughout your student's lives]. Parent seminars are available for groups interested in teaching money lessons at home while supporting math curriculum expected learning outcomes.  Money School Canada is an official TDSB Educational Partner.  The Moneyi$t in the School™ in-class workshop program has been endorsed by the Toronto District School Board Financial Literacy Steering Committee. ELEMENTARY PROGRAMS

  • MONEYI$T IN THE SCHOOL IN-CLASS WORKSHOPS FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS Money School Canada’s half-day workshop for elementary students is the most comprehensive program available in Canada. Curriculum compatible and tailored by grade learning outcomes are maximized with minimal sacrifice of precious in-class time. Students learn about money and how basic math fits in to their daily lives. Moneyi$t workshops are interactive, engaging, entertaining and fun. Skits, role-play and real-life reenactments are combined with hands-on activities to teach money management essentials including goal setting, smart spending, saving, banking, budgeting, borrowing, and credit cards and leave students with improved knowledge and confidence in their ability to make good money choices in the future.On average teachers rate the Moneyi$t program a 9+ out of 10.
  • MONEYI$T IN THE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM FOR GRADE 7 & 8 STUDENTS Money School Canada offers a 75-minute assembly program that covers 'need to know' information about personal finance that benefits students as they move on to high school, start to be responsible for their own money choices and learn to manage their money to their best advantage. Money management essentials are covered including saving, budgeting, smart spending, and borrowing. 


  • ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS FOR SECONDARY STUDENTS Money School Canada offers the MONEYI$T IN THE SCHOOL 75-minute assembly program that covers 'need to know' information about personal finance that will benefit grads that are moving on to post-secondary as well as those who have opted to join the work force right after high school. Money management essentials are covered including saving, budgeting, smart spending, and borrowing. Attendees appreciate learning how credit cards work, how banks make money, about the options they have to correct a deficit budget, the real cost of using pay day lenders, the importance of credit ratings, and how important it is to `pay yourself first`.The assembly is geared to audiences of about 250 students making it a very cost efficient way to give your students critical information that will help them avoid common mistakes often made by young money management novices.
  • IN-CLASS 'FINANCIAL BASICS' WORKSHOPS FOR SECONDARY STUDENTS  For smaller groups of high school students Money School Canada offers a 2.5 hour MONEYI$T IN THE SCHOOL™ in-class workshop that covers money management essentials while allowing for a more personal, interactive student experience. Funny, engaging, high-energy and jammed packed with useful information this program is tailored specifically to help teens to make more informed money choices as they progress through high school and beyond. Students are engaged through a variety of instructional techniques including hands-on activities, skits and role play. Professional financial literacy instructors encourage rich, in-class dialogue that improve financial literacy knowledge, skill and confidence.


  • MONEY MENTOR$ WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS A 90-minute evening seminar that provides plain-language information, strategies, tips and tools tailored to help parents to support youth financial literacy education and to take advantage of in-home opportunities where math skills can be applied to real-life, money management situations. Learning to use math in the real world can be truly inspirational for students. The Money Mentor$ Workshop provides practical, easy and effective ideas about ways that parents can help young people to develop the financial literacy knowledge, skill and confidence they need to manage money well. Money Mentor$ is a PRO Grant eligible program. 

Contact: Tricia Barry, Executive Director, Money School Canada Email: Phone:  416-932-1300/ Cell: 416-804-9110

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Father Leo J. Austin hosted Tricia Barry and the Money Mentor$ seminar in Spring 2016.  Not only was the seminar extremely informative, it was unbelievably entertaining.  Tricia Barry is energetic and enthusiastic as well as incredibly knowledgeable.  Finances, math and credit are all topics which scare people – they scare me!  Tricia found a way to get even the most boring and complicated information across in the most amazing way.  Easy to understand and the way she gives you the information, you pay attention.  Even as an adult who has been working for 30+ years and has a mortgage and credit cards, bank accounts, etc.,  I learned several very important pieces of information that I never knew.  I went home and sat down with my children and went over some of the worksheets she handed out.  I have two children going to university in the Fall and to give them information about budgeting and even just thinking about credit and how it works as well as saving and spending wisely was invaluable.  I would very highly recommend inviting Tricia Barry and Money Mentor$ to your school.  Our principal was so impressed with the presentation, he will be inviting Money Mentor$ to the school for a student presentation this year.  Katherine Romain, Chair, Father Leo J. Austin SS, Whitby, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know what a great seminar Money Mentor$ was!  I attended your seminar at Father Leo J. Austin high school in Whitby. I must say that I was a bit hesitant to attend because I thought it was a dry subject and would perhaps be a boring presentation. Nothing could be further from the truth!!!!! The presenter was extremely engaging and kept my interest through the entire evening. The subject matter was very pertinent and perfectly geared to the audience. I considered myself fairly financially literate, but I did learn a few things. I especially loved the tips for getting my teen involved and invested (pun intended) in financial matters. We have discussed the monthly budget idea and implemented it to a small degree to start. I have every confidence that soon my daughter will be better than me at budgeting. I have told friends about your seminar and they are interested in going as well. As parents, teaching our children about money should be as important as any school subject. Your seminar provides the tools to start that education!!!! Please feel free to use any or all of my comments to let people know how valuable your work is! Thank you! Kim Martin

The Cardinal Carter Catholic High School PRO-Grant application to fund a presentation to parents on raising financially literate teens was granted and we asked Tricia 
Barry of Money School Canada 

to be our presenter.  Tricia came armed with useful handouts, real life examples and strategies for parents to guide our teenagers in making smart spending and budgeting decisions.  She discussed budgeting strategies and ideas on how to help our kids attribute value to, and distinguish from, wants and needs.  The feedback from the parents attending was 10 out of 10.  Tricia's presentation was engaging and entertaining.  She provided ample opportunity for parent interaction and questions.  And she focused her presentation on money issues facing teens, addressing the needs of the parents in attendance.  I would highly recommend Tricia to school councils looking to bring a financial literacy expert to their school for a presentation on this subject. Dorothy Greechan, Council Chair, Cardinal Carter Catholic High School, Aurora


"The props and enthusiasm kept the students laughing while they were learning. Covered all the important parts of financial literacy and answered student questions very well. I would not change a thing about this financial literacy workshop. It was awesome!!! C. Ford, Grade 12 Teacher, Monsignor Fraser College

"I felt as though these complicated concepts were explained in a way that is so easy to absorb for the beginner. Activities were interesting and grounded in real, potential examples. The role-play demonstration about banking was clear and I appreciated the realistic expectations of post under-grad job incomes. Student questions were addressed with conscientiousness and clarity. I can't think of anything that would improve this workshop - it was an excellent presentation." S. Covey, Grade 10 Teacher, Havergal College

"The Moneyi$t in the School workshop is an enriched program with practical applications. I appreciated the creative tools/ strategies used  to introduce/ teach financial literacy. Students were focused and engaged. A fun way to learn about potentially confusing concepts [e.g. interest, loans, mortgages, debit/ credit cards, etc.]. Overall a wonderful presentation with lots of information introduced. I'd highly recommend this to educators who want their students to acquire financial literacy skills and knowledge. M. Tseng, Grade 5 Teacher, TDSB

"I appreciated the manipulatives, hands-on approach, and kid-friendly visuals. My students were engaged. The workshop was well-organized, thorough and had a good pace with a focus on building literacy and an understanding of the language. Very engaging, informative and educational! This is the best money workshop for kids I have seen." B. Heifetz, Grade 6 Teacher

"A very passionate and engaging presenter. Students are interested, yet being challenged. I appreciated the role-plays, the opportunities for student questions and the check-ins to ensure student understanding. The presentation is fun and accessible and the informaiton very relevent. E. Lo, Grade 6 Teacher, Branksome Hall

"Excellent presentation: Clear instructions and delivery, engaged students, very informative, relevant for Grade 11 students, encouraged participation, well-paced, interactive & entertaining. The financial information was presented in an entertaining and engaging way. Excellent delivery and use of props and visual aids." S. Wise, Grade 11 Teacher, Winston Churchill CI

"Students were actively engaged. Great manipulatives [creative and visual]. Good control of a large group [40 students]. I appreciated the teacher package for follow-up and that students were left with general knowledge of money and banking." M. Donsky, Grade 4/5 Teacher, TDSB

"Students are engaged. They are interested. It is interactive. I like that students are introduced to the concepts of regular saving and budgeting as they are very important life skills." M. Ng, Grade 11 Teacher, Albert Campbell CI

"Easy for students to understand. Materials were presented in a fun and engaging way for the students. Many important financial concepts were covered." F. Ibrahim, Grade 5 Teacher, TDSB

"I think going over the key financial terms and vocabulary is important. So much of this content is new to my students. Real world scenarios are excellent to help them understand. M. Long, Grade 6 Teacher, Branksome Hall

"Excellent presentation describing how student choices and life expectations directly effect their ability to be independent. The real-life applications and the student exercises that support the concepts introduced [and then practiced in a 'real-life' situation] hits the ball home so to speak. This presentation is excellent!! No changes needed. I am looking forward to the next one! Thank you." L. Strike-Teal, Grade 7 Teacher, TDSB