Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles

Date:March 2, 2019 5:40 pm

Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles are a children's/family band based out of Cambridge & Toronto, Ontario.  The band is led by Chris Torti, who is a former kindergarten/resource teacher and children's librarian; and he has been spreading his musical sunshine, with the Gassy Bubbles, all around Canada for the past 14 years.

The Gassy Bubbles deliver a high energy, super interactive program, that includes a blend of music, dance, storytelling & puppetry.  The Gassy Bubbles performance is a blend of original songs, mixed in with modern versions of popular children's songs.  Some of the topics the band explores are sharing, being kind, anti-bullying and much more! In between each song, a different puppet is introduced to interact with the audience.

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325 Myers Rd., Unit 23
Cambridge, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Winsdor, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Sudbury, Hamilton, Barrie, Muskoka, North Bay, Belleville
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Field Trip
After School Program
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1.  "Chris and the gassy bubbles were a delightful. The children and teachers were all engaged and up and dancing. Every one enjoyed themselves and I truly appreciated how their show uplifted our spirits."

Paula Correa, OCT - Kindergarten Teacher, Osprey Woods Public School 


2. "Chris and the Gassy Bubbles had 180 kindergarten students and 20 teachers up, moving and grooving! It was very engaging, interactive, and fun for everyone!"

Matthew Hackett, OCT - Kindergarten Teacher, Edenbrook Hill P.S., Peel School Board


3.  With infectious energy and enthusiasm, Mr. Chris gets kids moving and shaking during his musical show, which includes mash-ups of classic hits "itsy-bitsy spider" and "twinkle twinkle little star" as well as original music written by Mr. Chris and the Gassy Bubbles.

During his set, Mr. Chris also performs a puppet storytime that's told with funny memorable characters, including a puppet who loves to eat socks! Mr. Chris delivers a light hearted, comedic show that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Toronto Public Library, Annette Street Branch, Ramona Sansait