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Professorjamz dance-A-thon fundraising

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Thank you for considering us for your school’s fundraiser! For over 17 years, we’ve been hosting money making dance-A-thons in hundreds of Ontario schools; featuring current, kid-appropriate music, stunning sound & lighting effects and hosted by fully licensed, background-checked, insured children’s entertainers. Our fun and effective formula means your program will be a huge financial success with as little as only one volunteer to help!

We offer the complete package:

  • blast-off assembly in gym
  • customized pledge cards
  • promotional posters
  • morning announcements
  • on-line donation system (
  • on-line music request system (
  • glow bracelets (or incentives)
  • dance-A-thon day
  • fun and interactive host
  • crisp, booming sound system
  • full lighting set-up
  • cosmic store at your event   – earn 40% of the sales**!


Need something to print & take back to council….

Download our package...

Stress Free Fundraising

Our program is priced to make this a successful fundraiser for the school. If the funds raised are lower than our package price, then the amount owing to us would be the amount raised. Your bill will never be more than the funds raised by this event. Furthermore, you’ll raise so much MORE money using our program that your bill will be entirely covered by the surplus funds we raise for you.

Stages Of Your Campaign

1.  The prep. From the moment you choose your date, we will be in touch to begin the planning.  This is your event and we will customise every aspect of it to make it just right for your school.  Along the way, we will be checking in, adding notes to your event file and asking all the right questions to plan.  The best news? We always save your event file for next year to save you time when re-organizing it! The best-er news? We won’t allow any aspect of the event planning to slip between the cracks. 2.  The assembly.  Two weeks before the big day we will host a 20-minute assembly in your gym to pump up the excitement and distribute the pledge cards.  We bring everything to kick off the campaign right! custom pledge forms, posters, announcement, incentives & store items. 3.  The wait. Posters are up. Announcements are played each morning.  Your students are requesting music on-line and raising money. 4.  The big day. Big sound. Awesome lights. Fantastic music, (edited in-house to be kid-appropriate, of course!) 5.  The end. Send us your total raised and we’ll put together an itemised invoice. See you next year!

Our Package…

full day dance-A-thon event – 20% (min $850 – max $2000) video dance-A-thon full day event – 20% (min $1100 – max $2200) 1/2 day dance-A-thon event – 20% (min $650 – max $1500) if a school was to raise less than the minimum of the package, (it has never happened) then our fee would be what was raised.

You can only make money on our fundraiser.

Professor Jamz

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December 19th 2016

Eglinton School - Toronto

Great Dance-A-Thon! The kids had an amazing time, and the event really fostered school spirit.


November 22nd 2016

St Kateri - Kitchener

It was great working with you again this year Robert.  Thanks for such a great event!!! 


October 31st 2016

Holy Family School - Bolton

On behalf of our entire school community we would like to say "THANK YOU".  Your son was absolutely amazing!  Not only did the kids have a blast, the parents did too. He was so good.  We have never had a dj engage the children the way he did.  We would absolutely love for your son to come back next year please!!!!!!! 


October 31st 2016

St Barbara School - Mississauga

Thanks for your great work The kids had a blast!


October 28th 2016 

St Mary Catholic School - Oakville

Just wanted to let you know that our event was incredibly successful. Neil was a great DJ!


October 26th 2016

Tom Longboat School - Toronto

Our Move-A-thon was amazing!!!




May 13th 2016

Humberwood Downs School - Toronto

It the kids had a wonderful time with him [Professor Jamz]. Hope we can get him for the graduation dance!


May 13th 2016

Sir Wilfrid Laurier P.S. - Hamilton

Your DJ [Professor Jamz] was fantastic by the way. thanks for everything!


May 12th 2016

Aylesbury P.S. - Brampton

The staff and students had an amazing time with lots of positive feedback from our school community about their first ever Move A Thon for Aylesbury. 


May 12th 2016

St Matthew Catholic School - Unionville

The move-a-thon was fantastic! The students and staff are still talking about what a good time they had. My kids went to bed last night with their PJ's and their glow bracelets and necklaces. Odd - only a little! We had a parent council meeting last night and when the move-a-thon was discussed there was only positive feedback. The popularity of the cosmic store was a surprise to everyone!


May 4th 2016

Plattsville P.S.

Thank you for a great moveathon on Wednesday! The kids are still talking about it! 


April 29th 2016

Forest Park P.S. - St Thomas

We really ALL enjoyed the day. The kids are still talking about it. It was a good first for us and we hope we can do it again next year


April 25th 2016

Our lady of Lourdes Catholic School - Elmvale

Thank you for another successful dance.  It's so nice to have a seamless fundraiser at the school You make it so easy and so much fun! 

On behalf of the students ,staff and parents of Our Lady of Lourdes, a big thank you!


April 22nd 2016

Sir William Stevenson P.S. - Whitby

Thanks for everything at the dance-a-thon yesterday. The kids had a great time!


April 21st 2016

Mineola P.S. - Mississauga

Thank you for everything today! The kids had a blast!


April 20th 2016

Lester B Pearson P.S. - Waterloo

Just wanted to say that the LBP Dance-a-thon was a huge success!! Scott was fantastic with the kids and was a huge help with us throughout the day. 


April 14th 2016

Maurice Cody P.S. - Toronto

Professor Jamz did such a great job of catering his music to every age that everyone from Kindergarten to Grade 6 is asking when we can host another dance-a-thon


April 8th 2016

Diefenbaker P.S. - Toronto

Scott was amazing as usual and I had a fantastic day of dancing!  Overall it was a fabulous event!  Thank you!


April 7th 2016

Captain R Wilson P.S. - Oakville

It was awesome!


April 7th 2016

St Josephine Bakhita School - Brampton

We have received a lot of positive feedback on our dance-a-thon.  It was a hit!


April 7th 2016

Regal Road P.S. - Toronto

Our dance-a-thon was great! Thanks to you and Michael for making it so much fun!


April 1st 2016

Port Weller P.S. - St Catherines

We had a great day and the DJ was awesome.


April 1st 2016

Westvale P.S. - Waterloo

Great event again this year!!!!


April 1st 2016

Dewson P.S. - Toronto

Everyone had a great time


March 29th 2016

West Glen P.S. - Toronto

Once again, thank you for the fantastic dance you ran here at West Glen. You got everyone moving, even the little tots from the Parenting Center, after they got over the shock and amazement! 

Take care and we'll surly see you here again, next year!


March 11th, 2016

Helen WIlson P.S. - Brampton

Thank you for coming to Helen Wilson PS and for the wonderful Dance-A-Thon.


March 10th 2016

Pioneer Park P.S. - Kitchener

The day went wonderfully!   Enjoyed by all and Professor Tim was excellent.


March 10th 2016

Lawfield P.S. - Hamilton

Thanks for another great day


March 9 2016

John Dryden - Whitby

Thank you for another wonderful video dance-a-thon!  John Dryden loves Professor Jamz!


March 8th 2016

Sheridan P.S. - Oakville

Today was awesome. Thank you so much! The kids really had a blast, and some are already asking for another


March 4th 2016

Irma Coulson P.S. - Milton

A wonderful day on Friday at Coulson! Thanks so much.
I wanted to share a short “thank-you” video. It’s part of a larger series of videos that we created to promote our fundraising campaign.


March 3rd 2016

River Heights P.S. - Dorchester

Thanks for a great event!!


March 3rd 2016

Franklin P.S. - Kitchener

We had a GREAT dance-a-thon yesterday.  Exceeded our expectations.


March 2nd 2016

Meadowvale P.S. - Mississuaga

Kids had a blast as expected...Thank you!!


March 1st 2016

St Kateri - Kitchener

Thank you for a fantastic time. The kids had a blast


February 24th 2016

McMurrich P.S. - Toronto

Kids had a great time.


February 24th 2016

St Vincent Euphrasia P.S. - Meaford

The SVE students had a great time at the dance-A-thon on February 24th!


February 23rd, 2016

Edna Staebler - Waterloo

Thanks for working with us for a successful move-a-thon!


February 19th 2016

Abbey Lane P.S. - Oakville

AMAZING!!!! :)


February 19th 2016

Crestview P.S. - Toronto

Everyone had a wonderful time.


February 19th 2016

Elizabeth Ziegler P.S. - Waterloo

Dance a thon was wonderful and everyone had a great time. Thanks again!


February 18th 2106

Zorra Highland Park - Embro

The kids had a wonderful time! !!! The little ones were so exhausted! We look forward to another successful dance a thon again next year! ! Thank you so much!


February 17th 2016

Winston Churchill P.S. - Waterloo

Kids had a blast! 


February 12th 2016

Coledale P.S. - Markham

Thank you again Robert! The kids had a fantastic time! :)


February 12th, 2016

Aurora Heights P.S. - Aurora

The dance a thon was fantastic. This was the best one yet as far as fundraising. The kids had a great time.


February 12th 2016

Southfields Village P.S. - Caledon

The kids all had a wonderful time and the staff and teachers wanted me to pass along their sincere thanks for always creating such a fun event for our school community. 


February 12th 2016

Edward T Crowle P.S. - Markham

Thanks! The day was a success as usual. The kids had lots of fun. The LED shoe clips were a huge hit and we sold out of them by 11 am. 


February 11th 2016

Harrison P.S. - Georgetown

The kids had a great time today.  I thought it was very interactive and upbeat!!


February 10th 2016

Pine Grove P.S. - Oakville

Kids had a blast! Noodle heads were a huge hit!


February 10th 2016

Mill Valley P.S. - Toronto

Professor Colin deserves kudos for a great day had by all! The music/lights were great and he did a great job making the kids happy.


February 10th 2016

Montclair P.S. - Oakville

The students had a great time today, they all really love Scott!


February 9th 2016

Willowbrook P.S. - Thornhill

Thanks again for a great event!   Our students had so much fun,  and you were so helpful and a pleasure to work with.   


February 5th 2016

Winchester P.S. - Woodstock

The kids and students has a great time on Friday!


February 5th 2016

Holy Family - Beaverton

By the way [Professor] Ben was great!


February 4th 2016

CH Norton P.S. - Burlington

Thank you again for providing our students with a super fun Danceathon! I have heard many very positive comments from staff and students!


January 15, 2016

Prueter P.S. - Kitchener

Just wanted to say that the kids had a blast today.  We loved the DJ ( your son)!  


Oct. 24, 2015

St. George's P.S. - London

Our families loved your event!!  They were asking for you to come back before the night was even over!! The families loved Scott!!


June 20, 2015

West Glen J.S. - Toronto

What a hit! Many thanks to the both of you for putting a smile on our faces with great entertainment and dance!


May 22, 2015

Tweedsmuir P.S. - London

Thank you so much for being the star of the show... the kids really appreciated you being at the school again!


May 21, 2015

Gulfstream P.S. - Toronto

Our students had a great time at the dance-A-thon! It was a great event and it raised a fair bit of money for ongoing programs, here at Gulfstream.  Thank you for bringing the energy into our building and thank you for a top-notch, professional event. Let's discuss again, next year!


May 12, 2015

Markham Gateway P.S. - Markham

Our students had an awesome time on Friday! Thanks so much for your services! I know we will be in touch next year!


May 5, 2015

St. Edmund School - Mississauga

It was the most successful dance-a-thon yet!!  Lots of good response from the teachers especially the primary grades!  Robert did a great job!  Thanks for all your help along the way as well. 


April 27, 2015

Drayton Heights P.S. - Drayton

Thanks for a very successful event!


April 26, 2015

Dorset Park P.S. - Toronto

Thanks for another wonderful event!! The kids had a great time!!


April 24, 2015

Our Lady of Lourdes - Elmvale

A huge thank you to Robert at Presswood Entertainment.  This was our second year hosting a Professor Jamz dance-a-thon and we doubled our profits over last year. Thank you so much for encouraging all of our students to get involved.  You do an amazing job making sure they all participate and have fun!  I highly recommend any school looking to reward their students and raise some funds to host a video dance-a- thon.


April 20, 2015

Our Lady of Lourdes - Toronto

Thanks so much Paula for all your guidance and support in this.  The students had a wonderful time and the feed back was very positive.  It was a success!!! They loved the Cosmic Store items.  I'm so glad we changed our minds about having it.  Thanks again Paula and Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 15, 2015

Lawfield P.S. - Hamilton 

Thanks again for the awesome service.  It is always a great day.


March 13, 2015

Tweedsmuir P.S. - London

We wanted to try something new this year at the school to raise some much needed funds for technology upgrades and field trips.  The video dance a thon far exceeded our expectations! Professor Jamz was professional, organized and required very minimal effort on the part of the PTA.  We are thrilled with the results and the kids had a blast!  Thank you so much, see you next year!


March 11, 2015

Sheridan P.S. - Oakville

Thank you to Professor Michael for a fantastic Dance-A-Thon!  Our students had a blast!! 


March 11, 2015

Meadowvale Village P.S. - Mississauga

Thanks again for your services. It was another seamlessly organized event!


March 10, 2015

McHugh P.S. - Brampton

The kids had a fantastic time at the dance-A-thon and Professor Mike was great!!!! Thank you for everyting you guys did to make this event a success. 


March 9, 2015

C.H. Norton School - Burlington

Our students had a great time at our dance-a-thon this past Friday.  Everyone was very happy with Professor Jamz.  Thank you!


March 3, 2015

St Ignatius School - Guelph

Thanks for another awesome event, year three of the fundraiser and still a great success.  St. Ignatius loves the professional approach and attention to detail you provide.


March 3, 2015

St. Vincent Euphrasia - Meaford

The students & staff had a very fun day.!


March 1, 2015

St. Therese of the Child Jesus School - Mississauga

It was a blast – the kids (and staff) had a great time!


February 18, 2015

Our Lady of Mercy School - Mississauga

We had a great day with Robert today.  I think that your program and services are amazing.  The kids truly enjoyed their day.  Robert is a great entertainer and kept the kids engaged


February 18, 2015

Southfields Village P.S. - Caledon

The kids all had a great time!  Thank you for creating such a fun event.


February 14, 2015

Franklin P.S. - Kitchener

Thanks again for all of your help!  The kids had a great time today.  Thanks again for all of your assistance. Our kids had a blast and our music department is very happy about the new piano they will be getting with the money we earned!


February 13, 2015

Glen Dhu P.S. - Whitby

The children had a wonderful time, I don't think there was a child without a smiling although sweaty face, leaving the gym yesterday.  They and the teachers all commented on how much fun it was.


February 13, 2015

Mill Valley Jr. P.S. - Toronto

The students and staff had a great time!!!


February 8, 2015

Glenview P.S. - Burlington

The kids had a great time (as did the teachers!)  I'm sure we will be booking you for years to come.  Thanks again!


February 6th 2015

Harrison P.S. - Georgetown

Everyone had a great time. It was a great turn out!!!


January 30, 2015

McMurrich Jr. P.S. - Toronto

Our event was AMAZING today. DJ Scott was incredible... we had compliment after compliment about how awesome he was. 


January 24, 2015

Montclair P.S. - Oakville

It was a great day, thank you for everything! Scott was great and everybody loved him!


January 6, 2015

Dovercourt Jr. P.S. - Toronto

Thank you for the amazing experience.


December 17, 2014

North Kipling Jr Middle School - Toronto

I so value the very profitable working relationship that we have forged over the years. Cumulatively, over the last fifteen years I believe that our efforts have raised well over 60K. A lot of financial help for a lot of our people; amazing! 


November 3, 2014

Chris Hadfield P.S. - Milton

Everyone had a blast!


October 29, 2014

Westminster P.S. - Thornhill

Thank you again for everything last night at our Autumn Ball.  Everyone (including me) had a great time!


October 20, 2014

Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau P.S. - Toronto

The PET danse-au-tomne was by all measures a success-- your Hosts were very popular with the kids who had a huge amount of fun!


October 15, 2014

W T Townshend P.S. - Kitchener

It was a great day and everyone had fun!