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The Mathematical Jester

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Engage your students with the most creative and imaginative explorations in Mathematics!   Book The Mathematical Jester Today!

To book our interactive workshops or engaging School Math Nights please use the Contact form or email:


Family Math Nights


       Here is a description of some of our engaging and interactive workshops kids and parents will see!

Number Theory Exploration For Kids! (Grades 3 to 8) Here students will explore all the rich patterning and hidden treasures of numbers using cube-links, Lego, magnetic wooden blocks, and even candy!  Kids will build numbers in the concrete sense to explore abstract ideas like perfect numbers, triangular numbers, square numbers, pyramid numbers, abundant numbers, deficient numbers, prime numbers and even “weird” numbers.  Students also play some simple number games that underscore odd/even parity.  This activity is capped off by having students learn how to count to 31 on one hand and do a binary dance and learn the math secret behind the “Birthday Trick”.

Prime Numbers and Prime Climb! (Grades 3 to 8).  Your students will absolutely love this workshop!  There will be some fun activities to find out what prime numbers are and how important they are in the world of mathematics.  As well, the workshop will be capped off by the beautiful, fast-paced game created by Math4Love, Prime Climb.  Kids won’t want to stop!  We have enough sets for the entire class to play!

Square Bubbles, LEGO Broccoli, and Other Mathematical Weirdness (Grades 1 to 12) In this workshop students of all ages will explore the many secret gems of mathematical wonder!  From discovering that soap bubbles can have complex geometry to seeing how LEGO can show the wonders of fractal math to “impossible” bagels, this workshop is perfect for engaging students in mathematics with unusual construction ideas.

Albert’s Insomnia!(Grades 1 to 8). Albert’s Insomnia is an award-winning and revolutionary game in math education! It is a card game that supports kids learning number sense and operations at a far earlier age. Recall of math facts and automaticity in thinking mathematically are just some of the fun outcomes of this fast-paced game of peer-to-peer learning!

Fantastic Fraction Fun! (Grades 3 to 9) Fractions are unfortunately one of the most challenging and difficult topics for kids to really understand at a deep level.  In this engaging workshop, students will learn deeper connections of fractions through exploration of Egyptian Fractions and real-life division problems.  Students wll discover there is a big difference between equality and equity in these problems as well.  The explorations will culminate in students understanding that division is  really addition in “disguise” and why the common denominator is crucial in revealing this mystery!

Cows In The Classroom (Grades 4 to 12) Moooooo!  What do cows, pastures and bridges have to do with each other?  In this workshop students will discover age-appropriate techniques in algebra to solve problems that involve simple addition to those involving complex algebra systems.  This is a great workshop to introduce students to the importance of learning algebra and weaving it in to general problem solving.

Exploding Dots (Grades 1 to 12) Developed by the mathematician, Jame Tanton (PhD., Princeton), Exploding Dots is about seeing how simple and elegant ideas connect to elegant and profound ideas in mathematics as a whole. See how these ideas will COMPLETELY REVOLUTIONIZE your thinking of school arithmetic and algebra and beyond!  Even younger kids will be doing high school math by the end of this workshop–and just with dots! This will also be the roll out activity for The Global Math Project in 2017(

Quadratic Modeling and Mathematical Hacking (Grades 7 to 12) Quadratics is the most important topics for most high school kids.  Unfortunately, it can be confusing and dry, causing most students to lose interest in pursuing higher level mathematics.  In this workshop, students will have a blast building their own quadratic models/equations and learning about secret ways to solve complex algebraic problems.


The Mathematical Jester activities have designed by myself and some of the leading math educators in the world.  In order to see the artistry, poetry, simplicity, internal motivation, and beauty of math, a clear, connected and complete narrative of mathematics must be present with the student at all times during the learning process.I teach mathematics in a whole context that is always growing. Mathematics begins by playing… with games, puzzles, patterns, shapes, numbers, structures, rules, and ideas. From there, you observe and ask questions.  Owning your question leads to the rest: refinement, searching for solutions, discovering the connections that allow you to not just solve but understand your problem. Mathematics is a naturally alluring subject.  No civilization, society, or culture has not been dazzled by its magic and inherent beauty. I believe more than just EVERY child can learn mathematics–we believe every child has the right to its mystery and beauty! I have been a leader in Ontario Math Education for most of his career.

I have been invited by the Ontario Institute of Education, Royal Conservatory of Music, York University and numerous annual math conferences to give presentations and workshops on creative and engaging mathematics for students of all ages, abilities and interest.  I have also worked in the challenging environment of Toronto’s Regent Park and has also taught in an International IB School in Switzerland.  I completed my IB training in Vienna and took a Math Team to the British School of Paris for a European Middle School competition during his stay over there. In 2015, I was recognized by the organizing committee of this years Ontario Association of Math Educator’s annual conference as one of the leading math educators in North America.  As such, I was invited to be one of the IGNITE speakers at the conference. The New York Times recently published one of my number puzzles(see link in DETAILS). As well, I have written a book called Pi of LIfe: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics(Rowman and Littlefield/2017) and am a Lead Ambassador for The Global Math Project for 2017. Keywords Searched: Math night, math field trips, math workshops, math presentation, progrant math.


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