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Start the year off in style in your school with Aboriginal Storytelling! Denise Miller is an international Métis storytelling artist who has spent time as an award-winning local, national, and international journalist, producing a weekly column and a radio program about the Elders she met on her storytelling journeys. She’s told stories for thousands of students in hundreds of schools, on several continents, floating on a cruise ship, white water raft, and voyageur canoe, around a campfire, on a horse-drawn wagon, and on trains across the Rocky Mountains. Denise is also a popular keynote speaker and facilitates communications workshops focusing on mental health and relationship building. She considers her work to be storytelling through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

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PO Box 1162 Peachland, BC
Denise is an international storyteller - happy to travel to you, wherever you are!
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Some Comments

"Thank you so much for coming to tell stories at our school! The children talked about you and your stories for days after. All of the staff commented on how well you managed the children while telling a great story and wonderful information about our First Nations, Metis and Inuit friends. Thanks again!"


"Denise Miller was excellent.  Her story mesmerized the children.  They were listening so intently that they laughed out loud, jumped in their seats and their young faces showed the variety of emotions they felt as the story progressed.  Ms. Miller had excellent classroom management and pacing skills that kept her young audience completely enthralled with her story. 

We all appreciated how she shared the history of her family and her explanations to the children of the terms; First Nations, Metis, Inuit in a way that they could understand.  How she taught how some First Nations got their names and the meanings of those names.  A great way for our kids to expand their knowledge about these important groups in our Canadian society.

The children loved how Ms. Miller incorporated her drum and her songs into the story.  They were quite fascinated with her drum, its importance in her culture and history.

We would recommend Ms. Miller to everyone.  She was flexible and accommodating. She had great presence during her presentation and the children didn’t want to the story to end.  They loved it!"


"Denise Miller, was excellent. She was very good with the students and was able to adjust to each class and situation easily. She made each presentation specific to the different ages of her audience. Denise connected well to the students and had great class management skills, as well as telling riveting stories. She engaged the students and made them think about the stories as they were being entertained. It was great to have an interactive storytelling session and she worked with the older students on storytelling strategies. She helped the students think differently about storytelling and the teachers were able to learn along with them."


"It always says so much about a presenter when you see 50 pairs of junior-high eyes attentively following your every step, your every movement...attentively listening. Thank you for helping us with the process of reconnecting story and voice."


"Thank you for sharing your storytelling talents with our grade 4,5, and 6 students. You gave them a unique experience in an art form that flows, for a special way of connecting with one another. Your drumming and singing will not soon be forgotten!"


"I have heard so many positive comments from the staff and students and wanted to pass  along the fact that your visit was enjoyed by all. Your time here will no doubt be one of the highlights of our school year."


"Awesome! Entertaining and she had great control of the students - a very good storyteller!"


"Denise was great with the students, told stories and explained concepts at their level and kept within the time frame allotted. This was an excellent presentation!"


"Timely - was great for the LA and Social units being studied."


"Very engaging and enthusiastic. Denise managed the children very well when they got rowdy - she got our students excited about storytelling!"


" The passion and excitement generated was immense with our high school students singing along to Windayaho - it was really heartening to hear my students humming it days later. Denise held her audience in such rapt suspense that I had to step in and remind them to leave after the bell had rung."