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THE LAST BEST -Western Heritage, Social Studies Interactive Musical Presentation ZOOM or In-School

Last Best Western Heritage A Social Studies-History


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Jim Reader engages, teaches, and delights students in person and through ZOOM!
Jim ReaderFrom the first foreign explorers to the fur trade, to the end of the buffalo, and the coming of cattle and immigrants, Jim’s material and performance are both entertaining and enlightening.

THE LAST BEST WEST is a 1-Hour multi-faceted presentation through song, stories, poetry, and visuals to communicate the history, heritage, and legacies we inherited.  It’s a tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of those who blazed the trails before us.

“Jim’s first-class songwriting, musicianship, historical research, and superb graphics combine for an effective and enjoyable way for students to grasp this segment of Western Canadian heritage.”
Ted Thorne, retired, Millarville and Longview Schools, one of Canada’sOutstanding Principals

Specific Grades: 4-6 or the whole school community
Provides all A/V equipment – including 10×12 Screen

1-hour In-School presentation:
ALBERTA – includes GST and mileage
Classroom, gym, or auditorium  $449.  ($427.62 + 21.38 GST = $449.00)JIM READER











Specific Grades: 4-6 or whole school community

1-hour ‘Live’ ZOOM presentation:
Canada-wide includes GST only

$249 ($237.17 + 11.86 GST = $249.00)

Jim reader school programs









“Jim is the whole package;  a seasoned performer and the ultimate storyteller whose talent and warmth will draw you in.”
Lynn Kot, Past President, Weyburn Concert Series, SK Arts Councils

Topics touched on . . .

  • transitioning way of life of First Nations
  • the decimation of Buffalo – impact
  • acquiring Rupert’s Land – new era
  • NorthWest Mounted Police -the law
  • Jerry Potts – NWMP guide
  • coming of cattle – new era
  • coming of cowboys – new era
  • cattle drives – tough jobs
  • roundups – before the fences
  • John Ware – 1st black cowboy in AB
  • First Nations Chiefs – great men
  • The Last Best West’ – immigration plan
  • coming of homesteaders – new era
  • formation of settlements – new era
  • Calgary Stampede – celebrate an era
  • The Cowboy Code -morals/behaviours

Students, staff, parents, and audiences will have fun hearing the wind, smelling the sage, and feeling the trail dust of the Old West through Jim’s award-winning songwriting.


1977: CBC TV & Dumaurier Canada-wide National Search for Stars: one of Top 15 Semi-Finalists (3,000+ auditions!)
1982: Winner: Saskatchewan songwriting contest, FM radio
1991: Winner: Western Canada Summer Games (Winnipeg, MB) Theme Song Contest
2009: #2 Song: on the Western Charts in the USA for Jan & Feb: ‘We Got us a Trail Drive’ from 1880’s Cowboys cd
2011: Winner: Western CD of the Year, 2011 from The Traditional Country Music Association, USA
2011: #1 Song: on the Western Music Charts in the USA for January: ‘Gone are the Days’ from RNDNMUP cd?

Nominated for

2004: Rising Star of the Year, Academy of Western Artists, USA (one of Top 10 Semi-Finalists)
2005: Rising Star of the Year, Academy of Western Artists, USA (one of Top 5 Finalists)
2011: Duo Western Album of the Year: Western Music Association, USA, for RNDNMUP cd with TJ Casey
2011: Song of the Year: Western Music Association, USA, for ‘Grubline’ from RNDNMUP cd
2011: Song of the Year: Western Music Association, USA, for ‘King up in my Saddle’ from RNDNMUP cd
2011: Song of the Year: Western Music Association, USA, for ‘Get Them Cattle ‘Cross’ from RNDNMUP cd

“What others have to say . . .

“I loved Jim’s 1880’s Cowboys album. If you were just going to buy one western CD this year, this is the one you should get. It’s one of the best pure cowboy albums I’ve ever heard.”
Marvin O’Dell, Singer/Songwriter, and Host of “Around the Campfire” radio program, Palm Desert, CA

“One of the most interesting performers of cowboy music in the new century is Canada’s Jim Reader. From his material to his gritty delivery of it, he’s an original. I’d be tempted to call him cowboy music’s Bob Dylan or Neil Young, but Reader hits more of the notes! Seriously, the depth of thought and guitar technique equates to such artists.”
Rick Huff, Albuquerque, NM, Western Music Critic, ‘Rope Burns’ and ‘The Western Way’ Magazines

“I get much music across my desk every month and a lot of it is so difficult to listen to. Jim’s 1880s Cowboys CD is a diamond in the rough for me — ia true gem! It’s my pleasure to play it on The Western Music Channel.”
George Fair, President/Director of Programming, Heartland Public Radio, Branson, MO

“As a seasoned performer and the ultimate storyteller, Jim’s warmth will draw you in.”
Lynn Kot, President, Weyburn Concert Series, Weyburn, Saskatchewan

“You can tell from Jim’s arrangements and unpredictable chord progressions that he’s no 3-chord strummer at his first rodeo.”
TJ Casey, Singer/Songwriter, Livingston, MT

“Jim Reader has a real gift for lyrics and music with a pleasing distinctive voice. In addition to his writing and singing talents, Jim is one of the better finger-pickin’ guitar players around.”
Hugh McLennan, Host, Spirit of the West, Syndicated Canada/U.S. Radio Show

“Jim’s deep understanding of the cowboy spirit, his gift for lyrics and melody, and his terrific fingerpicking make 1880’s Cowboys really special. My hat’s off to Jim for a remarkable project.”
Hugh McLennan, Host, Spirit of the West, Syndicated Canada/U.S. Radio Show

“This boy’s music has heart, where in blue blazes has he been hidin’?”
Ben Crane, Western Fine-Art Cartoonist, Singer/Songwriter & Producer

“He gives his audience a soulful gift straight from the heart! Jim Reader is ridin’ high in the saddle with the greatest western cowboy performers today.”
Emele Clothier, Lazy Mule Music, Winthrop, WA

“This fella can do it all. Jim really comes to life when he performs on stage with a talent and personality that draws his audience’s attention immediately, his talent and ability know no limits!”
Tommy Tucker, KRLC AM, Lewiston, ID, Academy of Western Artists ’04 DJ of the Year

“What a fine musician Jim is, but I really enjoy him live — he’s got such a wonderful personality and his songs swing right into your heart with the true history of the North American Cowboy. This is great music!”
Lauralee Northcott, The Dollar Watch Cowboy Show KVLR, Twisp, WA

“I hear a ton of cowboy music every day but let me tell you folks, Jim’s music is the real thing, I recommend The Bar H to be included in every western music library.”
Joe Baker, KNMB/KWMW Ruidoso, NM

“There is a western soul in Jim’s heart and his music reflects it. Sometimes he gets lost in that place where his music takes him, the fun is that he takes us with him.”
Donna Meyers, Past Owner, Memories Inn, Longview, AB

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