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Thunder Bay Monkeynastix



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Our physical literacy school programming allows childcare centres and/or schools to provide additional services to parents with busy lives.
Thunder Bay Monkeynastix
Most schools offer Monkeynastix programming as an enhancement program for teachers and parents to take advantage of. By offering enhanced or extracurricular programming it gives parents comfort in knowing their child got their daily dose of exercise.

Our programming follows a 1:12 ratio, with a second instructor or class assistant where necessary, to ensure that all children get quality time with the instructor.

Term Programs

Monkeynastix gives schools the ultimate in flexibility. You choose the day and time for your weekly class, the number of weeks in your session and what age group you’d like to offer the program to. Once we have all the details, Monkeynastix will draft a custom letter and registration form for you to distribute to your students/parents.

In House Programs

Monkeynastix also offer “in house” programming, where the school or daycare can add us into their daily physical curriculum. Our qualified instructors will come to your school and provide weekly programming to your students. Monkeynastix will provide the service on an hourly basis, so you can have all the children at your school or centre enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Special Events & Guest AppearancesDaycares, Schools, Camp Programs

Looking for activities to keep your children busy during Summer or March Break Camps? Monkeynastix is just the answer. If you have a special event, Monkeynastix can come to your school or daycare and provide daytime sessions, before or after care program or enhance your holiday or PA day camp curriculum. We will customize your Monkeynastix program to suit your specific camp or special event, providing the service on an hourly basis, and sending one or two instructors depending on the amount of children.

For more details, please contact us and our office will contact you within maximum of 2 business days of receiving this request form.

Privacy Note: We are committed to handling all personal and business information with the utmost discretion. We appreciate your trust in us. We will not use, market, solicit or distribute any of your information for marketing purposes of any kind.

Thunder Bay
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This winter our Preschool children have been extremely fortunate to experience a 12 week session of Monkeynastix. After the first free demonstration, the children instantly became drawn to this well planned, interactive and dynamic gymnastic program. The fitness equipment is colourfully appealing for young children and they love the toy monkeys that they hold as they are doing warm-ups. At times the monkeys are used to increase the level of challenge. (Stepping over the monkey as they cross the balance beam.) Each week there is a nice balance of smaller equipment to use and it works up to a larger piece such as a trampoline, high-bar, balance beam that can tilt, springboards and back flip mats. The children get very excited to have the experience of learning these new skills. The session begins with the children sitting in a semi-circle on their own dot. Our instructor “Robyn” is in the centre and she begins the warm up. Robyn has a warm, sensitive, and fun personality and provides a safe inclusive environment. She enthusiastically leads the children through a series of warm-up exercises that focus on the muscles being used that day in the circuit. She also plays catchy dance songs where the children listen to the actions being said. “Monkey see, Monkey do, the monkey does the same as you!” They love it. The children use their eyes for watching and their ears for listening as Robyn carefully demonstrates the skill for each station. Each week there are about 5 stations set up in a circle where they work on a certain skill e.g.( crab walk, hopping, stretching rubber bands out with full stretched arms to build strength). The last station has the large equipment where a full body skill is learned. I have seen the most shy, reserved child glow with confidence after completing a handstand, flip on the high bar or back flip. We currently are in our 7th week and the children have improved their physical co-ordination, agility, strength and also listening skills. They are excited to share their new experiences with their peers and parents. I have seen a growth in confidence, and independence as a result of new skills learned. I would strongly recommend the Monkeynastix program for any child and would gladly do another session! Rosie Salonen (Registered Early Childhood Educator)