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Since 1982, Trinity has been creating “theatre outside of theatre” offering innovative, experiential programs that aim to give students the ability to balance their social, emotional, and ethical development with their need for academic achievement. Creating Communities We Want programs have been carried out in schools across Canada. Each year, Co-Directors Alan Richardson and Sandra Crockard train hundreds of Peer Leaders who in turn reach out to mentor literally thousands of their peers and create caring and safe school communities. Trinity develops Peer Leaders who are…

  • Self-aware and committed to self-development
  • Engaged in their community and work for its betterment
  • Compassionate and committed to social and environmental justice

Our Mission is to: … facilitate the development of communities across Canada where all voices are heard, purposeful opportunities are available to all and individuals have the resilience to overcome challenges and transitions in their lives. We believe there is a role for us all. 


Our Programs We have a wide range of programs available to schools and communities that include one day or afternoon workshops all the way to year-long peer mentorship programs! Creating Communities We Want is a series of programs in developing Peer Leadership in a school community. At present the series comprises of:

  • Peer to Peer – a Peer Mentoring program for transition students
  • Handling Conflict –  a Peer Mediation course for senior Peer Leaders for settling disputes formally and informally
  • Making Connections – a social/emotional development course for at-risk and underperforming students
  • The Capacity Cafe – a meeting of students, parents and school staff in a talking circle to discuss the issues and challenges of the school community

Visit to learn more about these programs, our one-day workshops, other school offerings for parents & community, and the Leadership Lab – our summer masters course in Peer Leadership. **Please Note: All of our programs are customized to your school community’s needs and timelines. Who Uses Us?  For over 30 years, schools across Canada have used Trinity to “Create Communities We Want” by engaging:

  • Youth
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Staff
  • Community members

The Trinity Benefits Trinity programs strengthen a school community’s ability to address its most difficult issues. Specific and measurable benefits include:

  • Enhancing mental health and wellness literacy
  • Schools gain a strong resource of Peer Leaders, mentors, mediators and facilitators
  • Addressing substance use and abuse challenges in the school
  • Improved resilience and coping strategies
  • Increased involvement in leadership roles, co-curricular activities in the school, and improved community volunteerism
  • Improved confidence, empowerment and self-value
  • Increased communication between senior and junior students, adults and students
  • Easing of anxiety and stress in transitioning into secondary and post-secondary school
  • Students, administrators and staff gain a greater knowledge of issues facing their school and their community and adopt a social development perspective
  • Earlier identification of students who experience exclusion, harassment, relational aggression, or bullying
  • Reduced referrals, suspensions, expulsion, and incidents of skipping school
  • Improvement in behaviour in classroom and hallways
Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Halifax, Victoria, Montreal, Bruce County, London, Ottawa
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"I have known and respected this organization for more than 16 years and can readily attest to their professionalism, commitment to youth and incredible ability to work with our very diverse student population.”

Bill Byrd, Safe and Caring Schools Administrator, TDSB

"The Trinity students trained last year continue to positively influence their peers as peer mentors, as members of the student council and as members of other leadership groups within the school.  Student competency and confidence has increased and student achievement has improved."

Cindy Zwicker Reston, Principal, Vaughan Road Academy

“With depleting resources in the education system, it’s essential that the work of Trinity Theatre continues to support schools and at-risk students.”

Beverley Ohashi, Principal, Laureate International College

“The Trinity workshops excited the students and successfully enabled them to assist many of our younger students deal with social issues such as bullying and living away from home.”

John Maitland, Principal (Retired), Canada’s National Ballet School

“Not only did they bring hands-on “do-able” activities to future teachers, they also brought a dedication to youth that will inspire us all to do more and to be better.”

Sherri Gilbert, OCT, M.Ed., York University, Faculty of Education, Regent Park Site