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Pro Grant Ideas – Parents reaching out grant

Pro Grant Ideas

Pro Grant Ideas – Parents reaching out grant

Pro Grant Ideas

Need some great options that will ensure your PRO Grant projects are successful, meaningful, and engaging?

From interactive and FUN Math Nights to presentations focusing on Health and WellnessSocial Media Awareness to Teaching Empathy and Gratitude in your kids.  Find them ALL HERE.

If you need MORE IDEAS on a specific topic or theme, fill out our Too Busy Form and receive options in your inbox.  It’s free.





Programs for parents interested in teaching kids about money!

1. Moneyi$t in the School™ Family Assembly
A funny, high-energy, interactive daytime assembly that’s
jammed packed with practical information parents can use to
help their children, tweens or teens to make more informed
money choices.

2. Money Mentor$™ Parent Workshop
A lively, hands-on evening workshop chock
full of ideas, strategies, tips, and tools that
parents can use to help young people with …

1. Understanding Value
2. Spending Wisely
3. Savings and Responsible Borrowing
4. Learning about Budgeting
5. Using Math Skills in Real-Life


Tricia Barry, Executive Director,
Money School Canada




Get your Whole School Community

Jump’n to Math!

progrant family fun night


Here are three different parents reaching out grant templates to engage your school community.

Math and Physical Literacy:

Jump2math Parent Math Night Program visit to your school

Hosting Your Own Parent Math Night Program.

Parent Math Lending Library

Main website:


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March 7, 2016


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