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Virtual versus Authentic Field Trips

virtual fieldtrips versus authentic

We live in a connected age where there is an abundance of information online. In our own lives, we are able to eliminate the “middle man” and can now book
vacations, pay bills, and purchase almost anything we could possibly want, from the comfort of anywhere.

Traditional education systems, teaching methods, and accessing the curriculum are undergoing changes as well.  Students can now access what they want to
learn, when they want to learn it… there are no barriers when 2.5 billion people online become 2.5 billion teachers.

Teachers are constantly looking to find ways to engage kids through either virtual or authentic learning opportunities. Virtual field trips are educational but they lack important elements: creative exploration, curiosity, and hands-on learning.  Many of us are visual learners and need those close-up personal experiences to fully engage in the learning experience.

There is a huge difference in watching a youtube video and taking an authentic field trip. There is no substitute for smelling a cow up close, tasting an amazing vegetable plucked right from the garden, the shouts of success from students finishing a ropes course as a team, or the amazing smiles and sounds of kids dancing in a Pow Wow.

When you visit school web pages, you don’t see pictures of classes sitting in front of computers… you see amazing pictures of engaged kids, smiling, excited, and out in the community, enjoying authentic learning experiences.

Outreach in schools is so important to the social-emotional skill building of both students and teachers. The team at School Shows is dedicated to
connecting teachers to providers of amazing, authentic field trips in Ontario. We want to help you engage kids!  Visit our site at to find out more.  If you are a busy teacher, which we know all teachers are, check out our great tool to make your life easier:




About Sara Martin

Life time learner, passionate about education, 10+ years advocating Experiential learning. Explore for field trips, in-school learning experiences and School Resources for parent council.

August 11, 2014


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